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Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Revere Award Golden Lamp Winner

We have just learned that Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships has been recognized as a Golden Lamp winner in the 2015 REVERE Awards, an annual recognition by the Association of American Publishers! This year’s competition featured the deepest, most diverse batch of entries they have had in the competition. The AAP noted, “We’re happy to recognize your program...”

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Kathryn Edin and Timothy J. Nelson spent seven years in Philadelphia and Camden, asking low-income, unwed fathers to share their stories. In their new book, Doing the Best I Can, they suggest that the stereotype of the deadbeat dad misses something important:
Of the many challenges poor urban dads face, a lack of caring usually isn’t one of them.
The Importance of Soft Skills in Entry-Level Employment and Postsecondary Success

Soft Skills

in Entry-Level Employment

Future career success of students supports employers’ opinions that some soft skills (sociability, communications, problem solving, team work) are a better predictor of adult success (salaries, graduation rates, home ownership) than technical skills... MORE>>.



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2nd Wednesday Webinar

October 14th

Relationships Matter

Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills for Success at Work and at Home. Successful interpersonal skills are key to getting and keeping a job as well as building a stable home life. Explore the rationale behind teaching social competence skills for workplace and family success. Click here for more info.

The Science of Love on YouTube

Watch it!

The Science of Love on YouTube

Those butterflies and fireworks you feel when falling love are actually just brain chemicals flooding your system. Learn what's happening behind the science of a new relationship... MORE>>