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Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Revere Award Golden Lamp Winner

We have just learned that Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships has been recognized as a Golden Lamp winner in the 2015 REVERE Awards, an annual recognition by the Association of American Publishers! This year’s competition featured the deepest, most diverse batch of entries they have had in the competition. The AAP noted, “We’re happy to recognize your program...”

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Our most popular teaching tools are now online. Move from paper to electronic documents by subscription. The advantages are tremendous.

  • Lesson plans can be quickly searched for specific content
  • You’ll have unlimited access to materials you choose
  • Free, ongoing upgrades with refreshed content are also included – and more

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Kathryn Edin and Timothy J. Nelson spent seven years in Philadelphia and Camden, asking low-income, unwed fathers to share their stories. In their new book, Doing the Best I Can, they suggest that the stereotype of the deadbeat dad misses something important:

Of the many challenges poor urban dads face, a lack of caring usually isn’t one of them.

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Cool – Not Cool Quiz


This is CoolNotCool, an app about friends and relationships where YOU choose what's "Cool" or "Not Cool." Check it out HERE>>

Stress in America: Are Teens Adopting Adults’ Stress Habits?

Nice Kids

Finish First:

Study Finds Social Skills Can Predict Future Success. A study finds that children who demonstrate more "pro-social" skills are more likely to have jobs and stay out of trouble as young adults... MORE>>.

The glaring omission from sex education

The glaring omission

from sex education

Most teens would like to marry one day – but receive no guidance on how. One place they are not likely to find evidence-based guidance is at school in sexuality education classes. This should give us pause... MORE>>

2nd Wednesday Webinar

September 9th

Disconnected Youth

Disconnected and vulnerable youth including Runaway Homeless Youth, Pregnant Teens, LGBT, and youth living in low-socioeconomic neighborhoods want to have healthy relationships. Love Notes can help. Click here for more info.