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Support for Afterschool Programs Serving Middle School Youth

New York Life Foundation

New York Life Foundation: Aim High

The Aim High grant program, funded by the New York Life Foundation and administered by the Afterschool Alliance, supports out-of-school programs serving middle school youth nationwide. The focus of Aim High is to help economically disadvantaged eighth-graders reach ninth grade prepared to succeed in high school by supporting afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs. Funded programs must serve a high percentage, at least 75 percent, of low-income youth. In 2019, the Aim High grant program will provide 26 awards nationwide as follows: eight awards of $100,000 over two years, eight awards of $50,000 over two years, and ten awards of $15,000 for one year. The application deadline is January 25, 2019. Visit the Afterschool Alliance website to download the grant guidelines and submit an online proposal.


Mental Health Grants in Metropolitan NY and Philadelphia.

Van Amerigen Foundation

Van Ameringen Foundation

Supports programs that increase the accessibility of mental-health services to the underserved, advance preventive and early-intervention strategies, and advocate for systemic change. Deadline for Letter of Intent (LOI) is February 1.

(Ed. Note: Dibble clients are using both Love Notes and Mind Matters as prevention and early intervention strategies with youth.)


 Cooperative Agreement for Evaluation Research

Mind Matters Journal-slideAnnouncement of a Request for Proposal

The Dibble Institute is pleased to announce a competitive cooperative agreement opportunity to conduct an initial evaluation of Mind Matters – Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience.

The Dibble Institute will fund up to $15,000 for an 18-month (from award to final report) evaluative study to understand what participants learn, what changes they have seen in their lives, and what the instructors have observed over the course of the instruction. Example outcomes include, but are not limited to: emotion regulation, anxiety, interpersonal skills, and physical health. An experimental or quasi-experimental design with control or comparison group is encouraged but not required.



HHS Grant: Promotion of Healthy Adolescence and the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy and Associated Risk Behaviors

The Funding Opportunity Announcement will provide funding to replicate programs that have been proven through rigorous evaluation to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risk factors underlying teenage pregnancy, or other associated risk factors. The overall goal is to promote healthy adolescence and to address youth sexual risk holistically to result in healthy decision-making and future thriving by enhancing protective factors and preventing teen pregnancy. Estimated application deadline is Mar 29, 2019


Girls Rights Project

Grants Empower Girls in the San Francisco Bay Area and Internationally

The Girls Rights Project is dedicated to ensuring that girls throughout the world have a right to life, health, freedom, and education and to ending trafficking, violence, and other forms of mistreatment and discrimination against girls. Areas of interest include education and empowerment, anti-trafficking, legal reform, human rights, health, and gender equality. Grants generally range from $1,000 to $10,000, and priority is given to organizations for whom small grants can make an impact. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Visit the Girls Rights Project website to request a grant by completing the contact form.



Support for Organizations Improving the Quality of Life for Oklahomans

The mission of the Sarkeys Foundation is to improve the quality of life in Oklahoma. The Foundation’s major areas of grant support include education, social service and human service needs, animal welfare, and cultural and humanitarian programs of regional significance. Preference is given to organizations that have been in operation at least three years. The upcoming deadline for letters of inquiry is December 1, 2018. (Interested applicants should speak with a Foundation staff member prior to submitting a letter of inquiry.) Invited proposals will be due February 1, 2019.


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Support for Initiatives Addressing Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The ALKERMES INSPIRATION GRANTS program supports nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that address the comprehensive needs of people affected by mental health and substance use disorders.


California Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health

Rape Prevention and Education Program

The California Department of Public Health is seeking applications from local rape crisis centers (RCCs) to implement and evaluate sexual violence (SV) primary prevention projects for either of two (2) separate funding tiers:

  • Tier 1 projects will implement and evaluate community mobilization projects using the Close to Home (C2H) strategy (community-based) ($125,000); or
  • Tier 2 projects will implement and evaluate selected comprehensive school-based projects (school-based) ($85,000).

If interested in a copy of the RFA, please email

(Ed. Note: Relationship Smarts PLUS is an allowable intervention for Tier 2 projects based on its significant outcomes related to decreasing aggression.).

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Promoting Adolescent Health through School-Based HIV Prevention

This CDC new opportunity aims to improve the health and wellbeing of youth by working with local education agencies and other organizations to reduce HIV, STD, teen pregnancy, and related risk behaviors among middle and high school students.”


Silver Family Foundation

Silver Family Foundation

The Silver Family Foundation supports nonprofit organizations in Oregon and Washington that work with at-risk youth. The Foundation’s Transitional Youth Development Grant Program provides grants to organizations that offer in-depth, long-term investments and opportunities for motivated, low-income youth. Priority is given to organizations that work in the areas of mentorship, high school completion, college and post-secondary preparation, and experiential education.

Letters of inquiry may be submitted throughout the year.


Support for Communities Served by CSX

CSX Beyond Our RailsCSX Community Investment Program

The CSX Community Investment Program supports nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where the company is located, primarily in the Eastern, Southern, and Upper Midwest areas of the United States. The program provides assistance to nonprofit organizations that address one of the following categories: Safety, with a focus on railway, public, and personal safety; Environment, with a focus on land, water, and air preservation and restoration; Wellness, with a focus on healthy lifestyles and wellness education; and Community, with a focus on community leadership and service. Cash grants ($2,500 to $5,000), sponsorships, volunteer support, and in-kind transportation services are provided. Online applications may be submitted from January 1 through December 15 of each year. Visit the CSX website to download the Giving Guidelines.

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