Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships

DAA-AEP Winner 2010

A curriculum for health classes

By: Charlene Kamper MA, CFLE

Grades: 8-12
Length: 11 lessons

Health classes are an important forum for teaching relationship skills to teens — but the concepts can be difficult to communicate. The innovative Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships program simplifies the task with effective instructional materials that easily integrate into existing content.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Collage

Fully aligned with national standards for health education, Healthy Choices introduces students to the foundations of forming strong, satisfying relationships. In 11 lessons, they examine how peers, family, and media influence expectations about love and life. They discuss appropriate friendship and dating behaviors, identify and prepare for potential problems, explore the nature of mature interpersonal behavior, practice decision-making and problem solving, and learn other life skills necessary for overall wellness.

A recurring theme is the importance to teens of making informed choices about their relationships, their goals, and the way they live their lives. A variety of lively activities challenge them to consider, evaluate and personalize messages from the lessons.

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS comes in a ready-to-use format, including individual and group activities, PowerPoint slides, and posters.

Program Materials (click for details and prices)
Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Instructor's GuideInstructor’s
Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Dating Bill of RightsDating Bill of Rights
Wallet Cards
, Set of 30
Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Student's GuideStudent Workbooks, Set of 10 Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships PostersPosters, Set of 8