Hip Hop Dating Guide

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Hip Hop Dating Guide MC-ing

This Activity Book is designed to support and enhance the theories and information presented in The Hip Hop Dating Guide and as such, activities are not limited to the material in that guide. The goal of the activities is to develop and enhance the variety of personal and interpersonal skills that a smart and successful dater needs. While you may want to purchase the Hip Hop Dating Guide as an additional resource, you will find that this Activity Book has been designed as a standalone resource that can function independently of the book.

What Is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is a subculture that merges English and Spanish-speaking Caribbean cultures with the African-American culture.

The Five Elements of Hip Hop

When Hip Hop culture first appeared, it had five elements, or expressions. Since its expansion into diverse sectors of society, more elements have been added, but the first five expressions are still its core. These elements are Drawing or Graffiti, Beatboxing, MC-ing, DJ-ing and Dancing. Hip Hop is a community-developed, therapeutic treatment for the common problems confronting youth of the inner city: poverty, crime, unemployment, broken families, etc. Hip Hop uses art, which was not present in the schools, to provide an outlet for creative expression.