Board of Directors

The Dibble Institute for Marriage Education, a 501(c)3 educational charity, is governed
by an independent Board of Directors.

President and Executive Director

  • Kay Reed
    Kay Reed at Dibble Institute dot org (this is to avoid the auto spam)
    The Dibble Institute


  • S. Bruce Wick
    Director of Risk Management
    California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors


  • David Maupin
    Maupin Financial Services


  • Robert Denham, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Education (ret.)
    University of Redlands
  • Richard J. Hickey
    Co-Founder & CFO
    Global Mountain, Inc.
  • Dava Kelly
    Redlands East Valley High School
  • Maria Whitaker-Saucedo
    Community Advocate
    Common Vision Coalition. Redlands, CA

The Dibble Institute’s Professional Team

  • Kay Reed
    Executive Director
  • Irene Varley, M.A.
    Director of Education
  • Dixie Zittlow
    Director of Outreach
  • Cathy Guidry
    Customer Service/Conference Coordinator
  • Aaron Larsen
    Product and Acquisition Coordinator
  • Sean Butler
    Web/IT Support
  • Joyce Huff, M.S.
    Outreach Educator