Learn More About Love Notes SRA

LN3 SRA Workbook cover

Love Notes Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Edition includes all the core concepts, skills, and activities the original Love Notes but has been adapted to ensure that the material fits within the guidelines set forth by the proposed SRA Education bill.

What is Love Notes SRA?

Love Notes SRA is a curriculum that empowers youth with the skills needed to further their own personal development, form and maintain healthy relationships, and commit or recommit to leaving sex out of their youthful relationships while they work towards success in education and employment. The skills embodied in Love Notes SRA help youth stick to their intentions and reap the benefits associated with self-regulation. It appeals to young peoples’ aspirations, and supports them in cultivating a vision for love, intimacy, education, work, and family. The program assists and encourages youth in defining a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of their aspirations and goals in life, rather than simply following the cues of the popular culture.

Who Is Love Notes SRA Designed to Reach?

Many youth today lack positive resources, models, and support. Unfortunately, popular media and peer culture are not particularly helpful in guiding youth to healthy and affirming romantic relationships, nor in reflecting upon sexual meaning and learning about love and genuine intimacy. Love Notes SRA offers an array of activities to help young people think about what is personally important; understand themselves and healthy relationships; and explore the themes of love, intimacy, and sexual meaning. Youth acquire knowledge and skills for making decisions and for planning how to pace and develop healthy relationships while staying true to their intentions.

Love Notes SRA is designed to help youth learn about the advantages of following the success sequence of education, employment, marriage, and then children (if children is a part of one’s vision), and how leaving sex out of their youthful relationships can help them achieve their goals.

This program is developed especially for youth who are at risk for poor quality relationships, risky sexual behaviors, and unplanned and unmarried childbearing, including those who are already pregnant or parenting.

What Does Love Notes SRA Include?

Love Notes SRA uses popular media, the voices of youth, and lively activities to engage young males and females in learning. Key topics include:

  • Knowing yourself—personality style, exploring your past, clarifying expectations, mapping your future.
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships—knowledge, skills, smart steps.
  • Planning for how to pace a relationship (deciding versus sliding).
  • Frameworks for assessing relationships and for making decisions.
  • Recognizing unhealthy relationships and responding to dangerous ones–learning how to draw the line of respect from the start.
  • Effective communication and conflict management skills–the same soft-skills young people need to succeed at work.
  • Exploring intimacy, love and sexual meaning to aid in clarifying their sexual values, boundaries and intentions.
  • Exposure to the positives and benefits associated with sexual delay from the voices of youth themselves.
  • Skills and roleplays for asserting one’s sexual values and boundaries when dealing with pressure situations and for changing course.
  • Medically-accurate information on male and female anatomy, bio-reproduction, and STDs/HIV. Family planning methods are presented in the context of adult, married couples who wish to plan when to start a family.
  • No normalization teen sexual activity.
  • Examining how unplanned pregnancy and relationship turbulence can affect a child.
  • The Success Sequence–how the order of school, employment, and marriage before having a child can impact one’s future and the lives of children.

How Does Love Notes SRA Meet Sexual Risk Avoidance Guidelines?

  • The material teaches that avoidance of non-marital sexual activity offers the best opportunity for optimal sexual health.
  • Language that could potentially normalize teen or unmarried sexual activity has been removed or changed.
  • Other youth risk behaviors are addressed.
  • The curriculum does not demonstrate, simulate, or distribute any contraceptive device.

What Is the Evidence Behind Love Notes SRA?

Love Notes SRA is adapted from Love Notes v2.1, which has been evaluated at the University of Louisville and found effective as an innovative pregnancy prevention strategy for at-risk youth. Federally funded, the study tested Love Notes’ innovative approach against a leading health-based pregnancy prevention program.

Love Notes v2.1 is an adaptation of the evidence-based Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 program recognized as an evidence-based program in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs Practices by SAMSHA. It meets the National Sexuality Education Standards.