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Love Notes v2.0

Available in English and Spanish

By: Marline Pearson, MA
Ages: 15-24 years
Length: 13 lessons

New for Spring 2016!

  • Rights & responsibilities of parenthood – understanding Child Support.
  • Work and career applications – Soft skills including communication, problem solving and more!

Unplanned pregnancy, single parenting, and troubled relationships are a serious threat to the well-being and futures of many young adults, as well as to their children.Love Notes v2.0 was created for this vulnerable, high-risk audience. In 13 lessons they discover, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about partners, sex, relationships, pregnancy, and more.

Love Notes takes an innovative approach to these topics by integrating relationship skills with pregnancy prevention and practical strategies for motivating change:

  • A realistic context for learning that incorporates language, values and scenarios that is relevant to this audience.
  • An appeal to aspirations that helps youth to cultivate a personal vision for love, intimacy, and success.
  • New motivations for behavioral change, such as exploring, from a child’s perspective, the impact of unplanned pregnancy and unstable relationships.
  • Empowerment to achieve healthy relationships through both knowledge and practical skills.

Love Notes Group Pack v2.0

Love Notes uses popular media and lively activities to engage young males as well as females in learning. Key topics include:

  • Knowing yourself—personality style, baggage, expectations, mapping your future
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships—knowledge, skills, smart steps
  • Frameworks for assessing relationships and making decisions
  • Recognizing unhealthy relationships and responding to dangerous ones
  • Effective communication and conflict management skills
  • Intimacy, sexual values, pacing relationships and sex, and planning for choices
  • Unplanned pregnancy and relationship turbulence through the eyes of a child
  • The Success Sequence—how the order of school, commitment, and babies impacts your future.

Love Notes is currently being evaluated at the University of Louisville as an innovative pregnancy prevention strategy for at-risk youth. Federally funded, the study is testing Love Notes’ innovative approach against traditional health/body based methods. Read more.

Love Notes v2.0 is an adaptation of the evidence based Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 program recognized as an evidence based program in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs Practices by SAMSHA. It meets the National Sexuality Education Standards.

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HRM: Human Resources Media – DVD
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Toothpaste – DVD
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Antwone Fisher – DVD
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