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Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0


Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 gives teens the skills, knowledge and motivation for making wise relationship choices.

The 3.0 edition contains extensive refinements in content, format, activities, and more. These reflect recommendations from a five-year federally funded program evaluation by Auburn University.

The course is listed as an “evidence based” program with NREPP – highest rating for youth interventions.

Relationships & Romance for Teens

Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0: NREPP WinnerREVERE Awards Winner 2014
By: Marline Pearson
Ages: 12 – 16
Length: 13 one-hour lessons

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Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 was created to help teens learn, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about relationships, dating, partners, sex, and more. The program takes an innovative approach to these topics by integrating relationship skills with powerful learning strategies:

  • A realistic, relevant context for learning.
  • An appeal to personal aspirations for love, intimacy, and successful relationships.
  • New motivations for behavioral change.
  • Empowerment through self awareness, relationship knowledge and practical skills

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Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 uses popular media and lively activities to engage both males and females in learning. Key topics include:

Self-awareness: personal strengths/weaknesses, past influences, goal setting, friendship, peer pressure, maturity, clarifying values.
Developing healthy relationships: attraction, building blocks of positive relationships, how to assess relationships, realistic love, low-risk dating, “deciding vs. sliding”.
Problems, warnings and dangerous relationships: break-ups and broken hearts, unhealthy and abusive behaviors, ways to exit safely, boundaries, dating violence.
Communication and conflict: danger signs, time outs, anger regulation, the Speaker-Listener Technique, problem-solving.
Intimacy and sexual decisions: pacing relationships, what intimacy means, sex in the context of relationships, boundaries, myths of pregnancy, risky situations, refusal skills, how unplanned pregnancy affects a child.
Social media: the impact of “constant connection”, sexting realities and risks, personal polices on using social media.

This curriculum is delivered through activities that are informative, fun and affirmative. A workbook helps teens apply curriculum concepts to their own lives. Parent-Teen activities for each lesson stimulate conversations with trusted adults.

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