Relationship Smarts Plus Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Edition

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  1. Relationship Smarts SRAE cover

    Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 Instructor's Manual Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Edition



    Developing healthy relationship skills is paramount to helping young teens make positive choices and avoid risky behaviors. Relationship Smarts Plus (RQ+) SRA, an adaptation of the evidence-based RQ+ 3.0, builds these skills by appealing to teenagers' aspirations rather than merely emphasizing what they must avoid. The curriculum is specifically geared for vulnerable teens.

    Over the course of 13 lessons, RQ+ SRA builds assets and strengthens protective factors to help young teens (middle school and early high school) resist sexual coercion, assert their intentions, and develop plans for their future.

    The curriculum has a strong and consistent message on sexual delay and emphasizes the Success Sequence (education, employment, marriage, and then children) to reduce the chance of future poverty.

    Detailed description of the RQ+ SRA Course Materials here.

    Also available as a subscription in digital format

    Starter Kit includes:

    • Instructor’s Guide (362 pages) - 13 lessons
    • 1 Participant Workbook (60 pages, color) - pack of 10

    Additional materials needed for implementation:

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  2. Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 SRA Workbook Cover

    Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 SRA - Participant Workbook 10 pack

    (SKU: LRQ+SRAE-S10)

    Set of 10 student workbooks (60 pages, color) Learn More
  3. Human Reproduction Thumb Drive

    HRM: Human Reproductive Video


    (SKU: TD-HR)

    The  Human Reproduction (11 minutes) uses animated graphics to clearly and vividly illustrate the biological functions of the different parts of the female and male reproductive systems. It then continues on to the process of reproduction.

    Used in Love Notes Lesson 10.

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  4. Front cover



    (SKU: DVD-TP)


    Two best friends consider taking their relationships to the next level. The decisions they make are as different as the outcomes.

    Contains: 1 DVD
    Running Time 16:00
    Behind The Scenes 11:00

    Scenarios USA films are written by young people for young people. They are Hollywood quality films and unique educational tools you can own. Each film includes a free discussion guide.

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