Mike’s Crush

Description of Lessons and Videos

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Mike’s Very Bad Day | Mike’s Good Day at School

Class Rules | Confidentiality | Assessment

Mikes Crush Collage

In the first class, rules are developed and agreed upon, including confidentiality rules. The instructor informs students that disclosures of abuse of any kind must be reported. An assessment is completed that consists of watching Mike’s Very Bad Day and Mike’s Good Day at School, making a list of everything that Mike did wrong and right in both videos. The assessment is repeated after the last lesson without watching the videos.

Lesson 2 – Appearance Matters — Chapter 1

Good Grooming | High School Dress | Compliments

In middle school, in high school, and in life, appearance does matter. Good grooming can be an ongoing issue for many students with disabilities. Poor grooming and dress can interfere with peer relationships and romantic relationships. By demonstrating the effects of poor grooming and inappropriate clothes in the videos, the teacher can facilitate a more comfortable and persuasive classroom discussion about why appropriate grooming and dress is a necessary part of high school and healthy relationships.

Lesson 3 – Relationships — Chapter 2

Identify and Define Relationships | Identify Relationships in Their Life | Identify Friend, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend Relationships

Being able to identify and understand different types of relationships, including friends, acquaintances, strangers, community helpers, girlfriends, boyfriends, and best friends is an important part of developing healthy relationships. These concepts are taught to ensure a solid understanding of all types of relationships, before students make new friends or venture into potentially romantic relationships.

Mike's Crush

Lesson 4 – Body Language — Chapter 3 & Chapter 4

Identify Body Language When Someone Wants to Talk to You
Identify Boyfriend and Girlfriend Body Language
Identify Body Language When Someone Does NOT want to Talk to You

Intimate relationships often require reading both overt and subtle body language. Students who have difficulty understanding body language and personal boundaries are at risk of misunderstanding social situations. Reading and understanding body language can help determine if someone is a friend or not, wants to talk to you or not, and wants to be your girlfriend / boyfriend or not.

Lesson 5 – Starting a Conversation — Chapter 3

Practicing Starting a Conversation | Identifying Common Interests | Knowing When Someone Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

For many people, starting a conversation is hard. Mike’s Very Bad Day shows how NOT to start a conversation with a girl you have a crush on. Mike’s Good Day at School demonstrates a correct way to start a conversation when you want to make a new friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. In this lesson students watch
peer models starting conversations and identify common interests and activities that they can talk about. Students will also practice recognizing if someone doesn’t want to talk to them.

Lesson 6 – Getting to Know Someone — Chapter 4

Practice Getting to Know Someone | Listening Skills | Knowing When Someone Does Not Want to Get to Know You

Friendships and romantic relationships require getting to know someone well over time and spending time with him or her in and out of school. It also means listening to and maintaining a conversation, showing interest in the other person, or identifying when someone does not want to be a friend.

Mike's Cruch

Lesson 7 – Rules and Laws
      Mike’s Very Bad Day

Understanding Rules and Laws | No Means No | Consequences

Adolescents with disabilities can and do get into trouble with the criminal justice system; at times they do not understand that they have broken a law. Adolescents interested in romantic relationships can stalk their peers without understanding the consequences of their behavior. It is important that students
learn what is and is not against school rules and the law.

Lesson 8 – What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?
      Mike’s Good Day at School

Identify Healthy Relationships | Real-life Situations | What Makes a Friend, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend?

The final lesson implements what has been taught in the other lessons. Students practice reading Mike’s Very Bad Day and Mike’s Good Day at School scripts, write a script, and make a video demonstrating how to handle different relationship situations that are occurring in their life.