Money Habitudes® for Teens

Understanding the human side of money

By: Jessica Pool, M.S. with Syble Solomon, M.Ed.
Grades: 9-12
Length: 5 one-hour lessons

Understanding money is important for all teens. Even basic financial competence can improve their relationships as well as help them attain goals for lifestyle, education, career and family. But technical knowledge about money isn’t enough.

Money Habitudes

In real life, it is often hidden attitudes that dictate how people actually spend, save and think about money, regardless of financial skills or economic status.

Exploring this “human side of money” is the focus of Money Habitudes for Teens.

In 5 lively lessons, Money Habitudes® explores how people behave around money, and why this matters to teens – especially in their own lives. For example:

  • How money works and affects our lives.
  • Different approaches to handling money – spontaneous, practical, carefree, security, generous, and more.
  • The symbolism of money – as a sign of power, status, love, safety, independence, spontaneity, loyalty and more.
  • The influence of family, media, culture, and life events on habits and attitudes.
  • The advantages and challenges of different approaches to money.

A key goal is helping teens to understand their individual financial patterns. The Money Habitudes for Teens card game, integrated into the lessons, offers a fun, engaging way to uncover this information. The game also helps build awareness of their values, and reveals new choices in many areas of their lives.

Money Habitudes for Teens is designed for middle and high school classes, as well as community settings. The course is effective as a stand-alone introduction to money or a companion program for Financial Literacy programs.

Complete and ready to teach, Money Habitudes for Teens includes a Teachers Guide with five lessons, student workbooks, sturdy re-useable game card sets (one per student), Powerpoints, activity sheets, and posters.

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