Money Habitudes® Card Game

Money Habitudes 2

A key component of the Money Habitudes® lessons are activities using the acclaimed self-assessment “card game”, Money Habitudes® by Syble Solomon. This innovative resource helps users discover their personal “money styles” (such as Planning, Giving, Status, Spontaneous, Carefree, Security) – and what these mean.

The “game”, similar to Solitaire, is a deck of 66 cards, each with a statement about money. For example:

  • Sometimes I’ll say something cost less than it really did or I’ll hide what I bought.
  • I never really know how much money I have.
  • I don’t worry about owing money. It will all work out.
  • I think people who have more money are more popular.
  • I have no problem sharing my money with my friends and family.
  • I will go out of my way to buy something at a cheaper price.
  • When I know I’ll need extra money, I start saving up ahead of time.

Money Habitudes™ Instructor

Each student takes a deck of cards, and sorts the statements into three groups (“me”, “not me” “maybe”) that reveal a pattern of habits and attitudes. The game explains how each of these different patterns can help or hinder financial, lifestyle, and relationship success.

Money Habitudes™ Instructor