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Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0

Relationships & Romance for Teens

What’s changed in Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0?

The 2013 edition contains hundreds of refinements designed to strengthen impact of the program. These reflect feedback from a five-year federally funded study of the program by Auburn University, with over 5,000 teens and scores of teachers.

New Leader’s Manual

The manual has been streamlined into 12 lessons, for easier, more efficient teaching. Two new lessons have been added, while maintaining all concepts and skills of the original version.

New Lessons:

Lesson 10: Sexual Decision-making.
Teens explore how sexual decision-making relates to intimacy in healthy relationships.

  • Defining a context for sexual intimacy that is personally meaningful and protective of personal aspirations.
  • Setting boundaries and action steps to adhere to them.

Lesson 12: Teens, Technology and Social Media.
Teens examine how “constant-connection” affects relationships. They explore the realities and risks of sexting, and design personal policies for using technology and social media.

New Audio Visuals

New slides, with online access. PowerPoints have been redesigned. Instead of a CD, slides and videos are now accessed online.

New videos: Several video clips are embedded into the PowerPoint slides. Other online resources (YouTube, iTunes or Ted Talks) are hyperlinked.

New film. The course includes the film “Toothpaste” from Scenarios USA, written by teens and produced by award-winning Hollywood filmmakers that is available for purchase

Greater diversity, including LGBTQ-friendly language and images in leader scripts, slides, activity scenarios, and workbook.

Teen Workbook: Completely redesigned, including new approaches, images, and photos.