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Relationship training

Here are six valuable Dibble services you should know about.

1. Free newsletter, every month.

It’s packed with news about the world of youth relationship education: current events, research, trends, grant opportunities, resources for teachers and students, plus special offers and other tidbits.

2. Curriculum training.

While all Dibble curricula are ready to teach, we can provide customized instructor training to create faster and better results! (more details)

3. Grants and funding assistance.

If you need funding to teach relationship skills in your school, organization, or community, Dibble can help you identify and apply for grants. (more details)

4.  Free Webinars

WebinarsOur free Second Wednesday Webinars are another way to enhance your professional expertise! (more details)

5. More choices of teaching tools here.

In addition to the listings in our catalog, there are more resources on our website—not just from Dibble but also from other organizations whose materials meet our teaching criteria.

6. A website full of valuable help.

You’ll find a trove of free materials and information relating to all aspects of relationships for teens and young adults on our website. For example: