Training to meet your needs and your budget

Curriculum Training, Professional Development, and Technical Assistance

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Improve your outcomes with Dibble’s professional, hands-on curriculum training, professional development, and technical assistance services. We will assist you in strengthening your program implementation, delivery, and success!

Curriculum Training and Booster Sessions 

We offer the following training for all Dibble programs either at your site or at a regional location:

  • Training of Educators will build the competence and confidence of your front line staff to deliver the content with fidelity.
  • Training of Trainers is a rigorous training program leading to becoming a Certified Dibble Trainer in our EBP programs.
  • Booster Sessions allow your staff to dive deeper into the curriculum content. We will answer puzzling questions, address facilitation challenges, and practice skills to become even more effective.

Professional Development

Dibble offers onsite Professional Development opportunities that focus on key issues to sharpen facilitators’ skills and improve training delivery.

  • Advanced Facilitation Skills – Moving from Good to Great!
  • Dealing with Sensitive Issues – Increase Your Educators’ Confidence and Competence
  • Youth and Relationships Today – Young People and Their Expectations.

Technical Assistance 

Based on years of success in providing relationship skills education in a variety of venues with diverse populations, Dibble staff will consult with you to develop effective implementation approaches, partner and participant recruitment strategies, program adaptations, and more. We meet you where you are and deliver these services in a variety of manners – email, conference call, in person – whatever works best for you.