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November 2013 Webinar

Impacting Future Generations: Implementing

Relationship Education in the Community Setting

Who can change the world? You can! We can!! Together we can change the world by providing relationship education to communities to impact communities in positive ways.

Join Irene Varley, Director of Education of The Dibble Institute, as she shares how implementing healthy relationship education can strengthen families, stop the cycle of abuse and empower individuals to be productive citizens.

She will examine the research regarding child abuse, family violence, and juvenile delinquency prevention. She will also highlight implementation models of relationship education in re-entry, Head Start, Workforce Development, and financial literacy programs.

May Webinar

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October 2013 Webinar

The Power of the Love Story:
Empowering Teens Through Literature

Director of Outreach and former literature teacher of 15 years, Dixie Zittlow, shares “The Power of the Love Story.” Hear how the literature based anthology, The Art of Loving Well, serves as an excellent tool for teaching healthy relationship education in a creative and powerful manner.

The Art of Loving Well: A Character Education Curriculum for Today’s Teenagers is a nationally acclaimed, relationship skills curriculum from Boston University that teaches healthy relationship skills to youth. From short stories, poems, essays, folk tales, and myths, teachers empower students to connect ideas in literature to choices in real life and build the skills necessary to achieve healthy relationships. You will find it fits into any “teaching” environment!

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow l Director of Outreach, The Dibble Institute

May Webinar

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September 2013 Webinar

Essential Lessons Learned in Dating:
Teaching the Stages of Relationships

Teens often move too quickly in romance. Breaking romantic development down into 4 specific stages can help teens see the path that leads to healthy partnership choices and understand concerns regarding the choice to “Hook-Up”.

Each step in this progression has it’s own important tasks. Moving too quickly through stages or skipping stages puts the individual at risk and at a disadvantage. Making these stages, and the accompanying tasks, clear can help young adults slow down, stay curious, identify obstacles, and avoid potential emotional, mental, and physical injury

Guest Presenter: Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD, Creator of the card set and activity book: “Things to Know Before You Say Go.”

May Webinar

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August 2013 Webinar

Managing Conflict:
Addressing the Four Communication Danger Signs

Research has shown that how people communicate and handle their conflicts over time will matter greatly to the health and happiness of their relationships. Communication skills transfer to all types of relationships – work, school, peers, family and parent-child. This webinar will identify negative patterns acquired in every day life experiences – the Four Communication Danger Signs. An effective relationship skills program includes the identifying and resolution of these four danger signs.

Guest presenters: Irene Varley, Director of Education and Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach, The Dibble Institute

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May Webinar

July 2013 Webinar

Why Teens Hook-Up:
Relationship Skills to Today’s Teens

What’s “hooking up” and why do teens do it? With 1 out of 4 first-time sexual relationships between teens one-time affairs, it’s clear that young people are often pressured to “hook up” and are unaware of how to make healthy decisions about their love lives.

Most teens really want affection and connection, but often think sex is the only way to obtain it. As adults working with youth, we are often dismayed when turbulent relationships and untimely parenthood derail youth from the path to a promising future. Join us as we explore the “Hook Up” generation and how integrating Relationship Education can help teens develop skills to make healthy connections.

Guest presenter: Janet Pozmantier, M.S., L.P.C, L.M.F.T., R.P.T., Outreach Educator for The Dibble Institute

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May Webinar

June 2013 Webinar

Love Lives Are Not Neutral:
Current Findings from the Field

Romantic relationships – we often think of them as purely private – yet they also impact our society at large. Join Kay Reed as she covers current trends and resulting outcomes in family formation, child bearing, cohabitation, marriage, and family connections with special attention to how you can make a difference.

Guest presenter: Kay Reed, Executive Director of The Dibble Institute

Resources mentioned in this webinar:Here.

May Webinar

May 2013 Webinar

Turning Mike’s Bad Day into a Good Day:
Relationship Skills for Students with Autism and Learning Disabilities

Acclaimed expert and author, Nancy Nowell, will present Mike’s Crush, a curriculum focused on the unique needs of youth with Autism and other learning differences. In this webinar she will present practical solutions to typical peer, friendships, and romantic relationship concerns experienced by these young people.

Guest presenter: Nancy Nowell MPA, MEd, CSE
Certified Sexuality Educator

May Webinar

April 2013 Webinar

The Next Generation:
Integrating Sex Ed with Relationship Ed

Love Notes v2.0 is an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program. Typically those goals are served by separate programs all operating within their own paradigms.

Love Notes is a new approach to many persistent problems. Geared to at-risk teens, young adults and parenting youth, Love Notes v2.0 is in the federal Tier II pregnancy prevention evaluation and is an adaptation of Relationship Smarts PLUS which is on SAMHSA’s registry of evidence-based programs. It also meets the National Sexuality Education and Health Standards.

Guest Presenter: Marline Pearson, author of Love Notes v2.0 and Love U2: Relationships Smarts PLUS

April Webinar

April 2013 Webinar

Integrating Relationship Education
Into Health Classes

In this webinar attendees will:

  • Learn how the healthy relationship skills program, Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships, (HCHR) meets National Health and Sex Education Standards from author and educator, Charlene Kamper.
  • Learn how Kathy Schleier, from Dalton, GA, connected with Health teachers by meeting their needs and frameworks and is teaching HCHR in high school Health classes.

Guest presenters:

Charlene Kamper, MA, CFLE, author of Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships and Kathy Schleier, PNP currently teaching HCHR in Health classes in Rome, GA.

April Webinar

March 2013 Webinar

Love Is In the Air!
Preparing Students for Safe Proms and Spring Breaks

We often teach young people how to protect their bodies, but we seldom help them protect their hearts.Young people can learn low-risk dating strategies that help them avoid the pitfalls of spontaneous romantic encounters. Learn the relationship skills that encourage self-regulation and maturity, strategies for exciting precarious situations, and approaches others are using to help young people be more cautious and protect their hearts.

Guest presenter: Nancy Lenk, Outreach Educator, The Dibble Institute

February Webinar

February 2013 Webinar

Can’t Buy Me Love:

How to be Rich in Life and Love

Learn how understanding the emotional side of money can help young people make wiser choices in life, love and money management. Put two people in the same situation where they need to make a money-related choice and they’re likely to react to the situation differently. Our past experiences, values, and messages all influence our reactions. We know this, but we may not realize how much these influences affect our daily financial and social behavior.

Guest presenter: Syble Solomon, creator of “Money Habitudes”,

February Webinar

January 2013 Webinar

The Dibble Institute

A Resource for Guiding Youth to Successful Relationships

Learn how The Dibble Institute can help you with free lesson plans and movie guides, research, resources and the best in evidence based and informed programs. The Dibble Institute meets its mission with your success! If your goal is to help teens and young adults succeed in

  • Creating healthy and safe romantic relationships
  • Reducing risky decision-making
  • Developing positive assets and behaviors

January Webinar