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April 2017

Empowering Disconnected Youth:

The Protective Factors of Healthy Relationship Education

Relationships, whether sound or not, are central to the lives of disconnected youth. When at-risk youth learn healthy relationship skills they discover how to make beneficial decisions about their lives, their romantic relationships, and their family connections.

We will identify risk factors that foster youth and runaway, homeless youth experience and how healthy relationship education offers protective factors that empower them to make healthier choices for their futures.

At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Identify the risk factors that disconnected youth experience and the protective factors that healthy relationship education offers them.
  • Learn how healthy relationship education increases social and emotional well-being as well as decision making for youth.
  • Discover how the evidence-based curriculum Love Notes is being used to improve outcomes for at-risk, homeless youth.

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow – Director of Outreach l The Dibble Institute

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March 2017

Getting Them Through the Door and Then to Return:

Creative Strategies for Reaching and Engaging Latino Participants

Effective outreach and retention practices are an important element to the success of youth programs. However, organizations may be challenged in effectively reaching out to and engaging Latino and immigrant youth. These populations often require a tailored approach. In this webinar service providers will learn how to create innovative communication strategies to better recruit and retain Latino and immigrant youth.

At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn how to tailor their communications strategies to the needs and preferences of Latino and immigrant youth;
  • Know how to create a strategic plan with a clear series of steps: getting to know their audience, setting objectives, messaging, outreach strategy, and tactical execution;
  • Understand retention tactics and participant engagement for Latino and immigrant youth;
  • Understand “real-time monitoring,” and how to effectively apply the practice to improve participant outreach and retention.

Presenter: Selma Caal, PhD, Research Scientist, Child Trends

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February 2017

What was I thinkin’?
Using Counseling Theory To Facilitate Workshops Effectively While Setting Professional Boundaries

Participants will:

  • Learn how to use Rational Emotive Theory to support effective workshop facilitation
  • Increase their understanding of the importance of theoretical frameworks
  • Decrease their frustration and increases effectiveness
  • Identify effective methods of thinking

We also want to hear what you are experiencing through interactive opportunities during this webinar. Eric will explore plausible solutions based in counseling theory and curriculum content.

Presenter: Eric Murphy, MS, MA
Master Trainer, The Dibble Institute
Cooperative Extension Agent for West Virginia University


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January 2017

2016 Highlights in Youth Relationship Education: Trends, Tools, Research, and More!

Join The Dibble Institute’s staff as they share their highpoints from last year in the field of youth relationship education.

Topics include:

  • Research that relationship education is a potent new tool for pregnancy prevention,
  • Robust relationship education as part of the sexual violence prevention toolkit,
  • New settings for relationship education including corrections, child welfare, and dating violence prevention,
  • New evidence that porn threatens the capacity to build intimacy, and
  • Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) through relationship education.

Presenters: The Dibble Institute Staff

  • Kay Reed, Executive Director
  • Irene Varley, Director of Education
  • Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach
  • Aaron Larson, Acquisitions and Product Coordinator

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