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Every month guest speakers, program authors, or Dibble staff bring you insight on timely topics related to teen/young adult romantic relationship issues, research, and programs.

Upcoming Webinar:  May 14, 2014 

Money Habitudes 2 For At-Risk Youth
What money means, and why it matters


Do your students show little interest in learning money management skills?  Can they understand the skills but do not connect them to the relevancy of them in their lives, therefore show little progress in their personal saving, spending, budgeting behavior?

Learn about the newest Dibble program, Money Habitudes 2®, a quick way to introduce vulnerable youth to the non-technical, human side of money – a critical element of successful money management.

Join us to learn the hidden attitudes that affect the ways people -especially those with few financial resources – actually behave around money.

Learn how Money Habitudes 2®    

  • Is relevant for many grant programs including pregnancy prevention, teen parenting, and workforce development.
  • Is valuable for building both financial competence and relationship skills.
  • Is quick and easy to teach.
  • Is youth friendly, fun, and activity focused.

Presenter:  David Durand, Leadership Development Manager,  CCEO YouthBuild, Lennox, California

Participants:  Those who teach life skills or financial literacy to vulnerable teens and young adults in community programs, schools, workforce development, pregnancy prevention programs, teen parenting programs, and independent living.

When: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
, 4:00 pm Eastern/
1:00 pm Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes 

Cost: Free!

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Webinar:  April 9, 2014

The Greatest Gift to a Child:
A Healthy Parental Relationship

Social Science research has taught us a great deal about how healthy and stable couple relationships matter to children.  High rates of unplanned childbearing among teens and young adults are generating more gender, racial and income inequality plus producing profoundly unequal outcomes for children. 

Webinar attendees will examine:

  • the impact of the parental relationship on children,
  • the benefits a healthy parental union brings to a child and
  • how educators can guide parents to create and sustain a healthy, parental relationship in today’s culture.

Presenter:  Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach, The Dibble Institute

 Audience:  Fatherhood, Marriage, Head Start Program Directors, Child Support Services Caseworkers and Directors, Tribal Fatherhood personnel, Tribal Head Start Caseworkers and Program Directors, Community Action Program personnel, Community Program Directors and Facilitators and anyone who works with teens and young adults.

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Archived March 12, 2014 

UP YOUR GAME! Strengthen Your PREP Adult Preparation Topics Using Proven, Adaptable Materials

Now that you have figured out how to deliver excellent, evidence based pregnancy prevention instruction, how about your adult preparation topics? Join PREP Pregnancy Prevention Grant sub-awardees to learn how they are using Dibble evidence based materials to successfully teach the Adult Preparation topics.

Learn how to:

–select the program that best engages your audience and
–adapt the material to meet your needs for time and topic.

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