What’s in Love Notes v2.1?

Love Notes Collage v2.1

Love Notes v2.1 combines the best of relationship skills training and pregnancy prevention in a single program.

The course retains its robust attention to healthy relationship concepts and skill building for high-risk youth, while deepening the content on sexual decision-making, STI and pregnancy prevention, and formal planning for choices.

This edition meets the National Sexuality Education Standards. Strong results from  a rigorous five-year study at the University of Louisville have placed Love Notes on the federal list of Evidence Based Programs for pregnancy prevention.

Some other key components

Instructors’ manual includes 13 lessons.

Toothpaste Front CoverReflections Front CoverTwo short videos from Scenarios USA, written by youth and produced by award-winning Hollywood filmmakers.

  • Toothpaste deals with sexual decision-making and healthy relationships (for Hispanic youth or All Falls Down for use with African American youth).
  • Reflections addresses HIV, condom negotiation and unhealthy relationships (purchased separately).

Other student materials
There are three student take-home brochures on contraception options as well as HIV and STD Facts.


An easy-to-use Participant Workbook  plus the original  Colors Personality tool.

Other content

  • Role-play activities provide practice in refusal skills and in negotiating with partners
  • Workplace scenarios allow participants to practice communications and other employability soft skills
  • Talking points, skills, and resources addressing the needs of young parents are specifically highlighted throughout the curriculum.
  • The lesson text, examples, and PowerPoint slides are inclusive of sexual orientation.
  • A media guide is provided to help instructors navigate the use of contemporary music and film in Love Notes.

STD FactsHIV Facts