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Second Wednesday Webinar

February 8, 2023

Implementing Love Notes with Peer Facilitators to Increase Youth Voice and Engagement

As part of the implementation plan for their Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) grant, The YMCA of Greater Louisville partnered with the Teaching and Learning Magnet of Central High School to train seniors as peer facilitators in Love Notes. The peer facilitators then led sessions of Love Notes with adult support, both within their schools and at other community programs.

Join YMCA of Louisville’s TPP grant manager, Kelley Luckett, as she describes their model of program implementation that uses peer facilitators to increase both youth voice and engagement. This presentation will demonstrate how this model benefits not only the youth participants but also the peer facilitators.

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The Longer-Term Impacts of Relationship Smarts PLUS in Georgia

This report is the third in a series on the implementation and impacts of the Relationships Smarts PLUS (RQ+) Version 3.0 curriculum delivered in Georgia health classes for primarily 9th grade students. The impact study compared groups of students who were offered two different versions of the curriculum—the full 12-lesson, 18 hour version and a shortened 8-lesson, 12 hour version developed for this study—against a control group of students who were not offered any HMRE programming. This report documents the study methods and presents program impacts based on follow-up data collected around three years after students enrolled in the study. 

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Reflections of Peer Educators Delivering Relationship Education

This study from the University of Wyoming and Auburn University, examined the experiences of college age peer educators who taught Love Notes to their peers. Themes emerged about personal impacts such as the application of program content to their own relationships.

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The Dibble Institute is looking to hire two on-call training specialists with expertise in facilitating our programs.

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