LGBTQ Awareness Month June is National LGBTQ Student Awareness Month! Find out what programs and resources to use in supporting LGBTQ youth all over the nation wherever you live. Find Resources Now> Apply for a $1.5 Million
Healthy Marriage Grant!
Get the Toolkit! You can apply for up to $1.5 Million in federal funding for your Healthy Marriage program. Supported services include Marriage and Relationship Education/Skills, pre-marital education, marriage enhancement, divorce reduction activities, marriage mentoring, and more. Details on submission will be released soon.
In appreciation of and support for the tremendous work our clients are doing under these trying circumstances, Dibble will be hosting a free 12-Week Mind Matters Online Series with Dr. Carolyn Curtis and Dixie Zittlow. Join us as we teach the Mind Matters curriculum to help you develop skills and coping mechanisms to overcome anxiety and build resilience. Register for Lessons FREE 12-Week Mind Matters Online Series $60 Million Available for Responsible Fatherhood Funding! Get the Toolkit! The Fatherhood Family-focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential Grants (Fatherhood FIRE) will be targeted exclusively to projects designed for adult fathers aged 18 and older. Details for submissions will be announced soon. Have you been wondering how to deliver Dibble programs to youth online? A team of Dibble clients put together this toolkit with platforms, apps, and lesson-by-lesson facilitation cues to successfully teach a Dibble program to an online audience. Find My Toolkit Online Facilitator's Toolkit Get up to $1.5 Million for your Relationship Education Program! Get the Toolkit! The federal READY4Life grant will be exclusively targeted to youth projects supporting healthy relationships and marriage. Start compiling a skills-based healthy relationship and marriage education grant application. Details on submission will be released soon. Love Notes 3.0 EBP Model You now have a new tool in your tool kit! An innovative approach to teen pregnancy prevention that appeals to older youth. Love Notes was included in the federal Office of Adolescent Health’s Evidence Based Program list based on statistically significant decreases in sexual activity, increases in contraceptive use, and avoidance of pregnancy. Learn about Love Notes EBP

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Second Wednesday Webinar

May 13, 2020

“Fatherhood: Building Self-Sufficient and Resilient Families”

This is an interactive webinar describing the roles of responsible fatherhood (RF) programming in state and non-profit fatherhood organizations. The State of Ohio RF programming is supported through state TANF and was supported by the 2015 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood (HM/RF) grant. Kimberly Dent addresses useful information for future HMI/RF grantees in addition to how a father’s past trauma influences his future success and challenges.

We’re Hiring!

This is an opportunity to join a top team! We are seeking a professional to train facilitators in Dibble Institute materials on an on-call basis.

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New Funding Forecast

More than $36 million has been forecast for Healthy Relationship Education, $24 million for Healthy Marriage, and $60 million for Responsible Fatherhood federal grants. Even though the details of the grants are not yet known, there are things you can do NOW that will help you to be ready without making any financial investments.

  1. Make a PLAN
  3. Reach out to PARTNERS

NOW is the time to be working through these steps! Got questions or want a free review copy of a curriculum, email us asap.

Teen Dating Abuse: A More Common Problem Than Parents Realize

Most people think of domestic abuse as something that happens to adults, and more so, that it involves married couples. But the reality is that abusive teen relationships are much more common than most parents realize. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey looking at teen dating found that 1 out of 11 girls and 1 out of 15 boys have experienced physical dating violence in the past year, and 1 out of 9 girls have experienced sexual dating violence.

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Healthy Relationships for Younger Teens

Dibble works with younger teens to teach them healthy relationship skills early in their lives.

Healthy Relationships for Older Teens & Young Adults

Dibble’s materials teach teens and young adults how to be successful in friendships, dating, and love.

Approaches to Addressing Trauma
Dibble’s curriculum helps people of all ages take charge of their emotions and improve their states of minds and relationships.

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