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December 2022

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The Impact of Love Notes on Teen Pregnancy Prevention

In a federally funded comparison study between Reducing the Risk and Love Notes, researchers from the University of Louisville found that pregnancies were cut in half 12 months after instruction for youth randomly assigned to Love Notes! Love Notes is a unique program because it actually impacts pregnancy outcomes!

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Does a Longer Sexual Resume Affect Marriage Rates?

paper just published in Social Science Research, provides a more definitive answer to this question. And it’s fairly straightforward: premarital sex indeed reduces the chances of marriage, but only in the short term. In the long term, your full sexual history doesn’t matter.

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Self-Awareness Can Improve Relationships.  Here are Tips to Build It.

Psychologists call self-awareness an aspect of emotional intelligence. It’s the capacity to reflect on oneself and “to accurately assess one’s strengths and weaknesses. The other half is being aware of how you affect other people” says a southern California clinical psychologist. Accurately assessing your strengths and weaknesses can guide you to treating yourself and others better.

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Healthy Relationships for Younger Teens

Dibble works with younger teens to teach them healthy relationship skills early in their lives.

Healthy Relationships for Older Teens & Young Adults

Dibble’s materials teach teens and young adults how to be successful in friendships, dating, and love.

Approaches to Addressing Trauma
Dibble’s curriculum helps people of all ages take charge of their emotions and improve their states of minds and relationships.

Case Studies