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New and proven ways to teach teens and young adults about healthy relationships and romance.

The Dibble Institute is a national, independent 501(c)3 nonprofit that promotes relationship training for youth—especially in the context of dating and romantic connections. Our goal is help to young people gain agency in their intimate relationships that will build a foundation for healthy romantic relationships now, and for lasting, positive family environments in the future.

We do this by:

  • Developing research-based teaching materials for schools and other youth settings;
  • Educating opinion leaders and policy makers on the need for and value of relationship education;
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for the field via our newsletter and website;
  • Training teachers and youth instructors; and
  • Consulting on content implementation and grant proposals.

Dibble has received extensive professional recognition for our efforts in youth relationship education.

Our teaching materials are used nationwide in classrooms, social agencies, community groups, and other youth settings.

Our programs have been recognized and promoted at the national, state, and local county levels for their impact on key target areas for adolescent and young adult-focused populations.


The Dibble Institute was founded by Charles Dibble in 1996. For more than 40 years Charles Dibble enjoyed professional success and recognition as a designer of aircraft engines. After “retiring” in the late 1960’s, Dibble turned his creativity to another challenge – organizing community programs for young people, especially those that could build self-esteem and confidence.

In the late 1980’s, on the wedding day of his grand niece, Dibble’s true legacy began to take shape. As he chatted briefly with the young bride, she reassured him, “Don’t worry Uncle Charlie. It’s just my first marriage.” But “Charlie” was very concerned. He was troubled by how his young relative envisioned marriage, and by the suffering he had witnessed in his other young friends as a consequence of divorce.

Dibble decided to spend his last years helping young people learn the skills necessary for successful marriages.

“We will develop and implement educational programs to provide high school and college students with an understanding of the components of a successful marriage, and to help them prepare for such a relationship. There is exciting work being done in the field, but it is scattered and not organized to be generally useful to educators or parents. We recognize that it will take dedicated work to find and support those who have talent to contribute. We have established the Dibble Institute for Marriage Education to carry on when I can no longer contribute.”

Today, The Dibble Institute is privileged to continue the work of such a loving and far-sighted philanthropist.


The Dibble Institute equips teens and young adults with the skills and knowledge they need to develop healthy romantic relationships now and in the future.


We will be successful when more young people make healthy life choices and when more children are nurtured and protected by their own parents in a healthy marriage.


At The Dibble Institute, we:

Believe in the power of relationships.

  • We focus on teaching young people healthy romantic relationship skills.
  • We build strong relationships, networks, and collaborations with clients, partners, contractors, vendors, and staff.

Seek excellence.

  • We strive to be the best in all that we do.
  • We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards.
  • We use research as the basis of our work.

Exist to serve and to lead.

  • We focus on the needs of young people and those who teach them.
  • We impact the lives of young people and our culture through our leadership in the field.
Board of Directors

The Dibble Institute for Marriage Education, a 501(c)3 educational charity, is governed by an independent Board of Directors.

President and Executive Director

Kay Reed
Kay Reed at Dibble Institute dot org (this is to avoid the auto spam)
The Dibble Institute


S. Bruce Wick
Director of Risk Management
California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors


David Maupin
Maupin Financial Services


Kim Clark, Ph.D.
Professor (ret.)
San Bernardino State University

Robert Denham, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education (ret.)
University of Redlands

Charlene Hall
National Alliance on Mental Illness

Richard J. Hickey
Co-Founder & CFO
Global Mountain, Inc.

Judy Johnson, Ed.D., LEP, ABSNP
Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) Program
Azusa Pacific University

PT McEwen
Chief Executive Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Redlands-Riverside

The Dibble Institute’s Professional Team

Kay Reed
Executive Director

Rachel Savasuk-Luxton, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Training

Aaron Larsen
Director of Programs

Jo Anne Eason
National Outreach Coordinator

Michele Wilson
Mind Matters Outreach Manager / Trainer

Dixie Zittlow
Senior Training Consultant

Irene Varley, M.A.
Editor and Outreach Specialist

Rebecca Powell
Customer Service Coordinator

Esther Barton
Administrative Assistant

Ashley Brown
Administrative Assistant

Rachael Porter
Administrative Assistant

Sean Butler
Web/IT Support


  • Lindsey Almond, MA
  • Caleb Cook
  • Charlene Jones
  • John Lewis
  • Eric Murphy, M.A., M.S.
  • Janet Pozmantier, MA
  • Rita Schoolcraft

Since our founding in 1996, Dibble has spearheaded efforts to build awareness and utilization of relationship skills programs for youth. Some of our accomplishments from the last few years include:

6 Helpful Webinars and Websites for Social Workers

At this time of uncertainty, it remains crucial that social workers are reminded of the importance of their roles in communities, legislation, and in their profession. This article lists several websites intended to support social workers and other helping professionals emotionally, intellectually, and socially, including The Dibble Institute’s 12-Session Mind Matters Series! They serve as valuable resources to improve practice, gain new therapeutic skills, and promote self-care.

Read More…

Hope for Healthy Teen Relationships

Information on hhs.gov points out that although “significant declines in teen pregnancies have occurred in all 50 states and among all racial/ethnic groups, yet disparities continue.” “To us and our dedicated partners, HOPE (Health Optimization and Prevention Education) is more than a teen pregnancy prevention program,” said Beulah Greer, CSLC executive director and HOPE’s authorizing official. Greer explained that the two-year HOPE project, using its chosen Love Notes 3.0 evidence-based curriculum by Dibble Institute, looks at the whole youth in terms of developing comprehensive healthy relationships. CSLC HOPE completed implementation of HCCSD 6th-grade participants last fall. It begun this semester’s implementation with the 7th, 8th and 12th-graders until the devastating public health crisis COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the very core of our nation and world, destroying lives and closing businesses and schools.

Read More…

Dibble’s Curriculum Supports Work with Youth In Canada

The Centre for Life is a non-profit, volunteer-based charity that envisions and promotes a culture where every human life will be acknowledged as having intrinsic value, dignity and worth. Based in Canada, the organization is delivering Dibble’s program Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships to youth in their community.

Additions to the Dibble Team

Dr. Rachel Savasuk-Luxton, who wrote her Doctorate dissertation on factors associated with dating violence and assessing the impact of youth relationship education on common correlates of adolescent dating violence, is the new Director of Research and Training at Dibble.
Former Director of Education at The Dibble Institute, Irene Varley, will now be developing relationships with prospective and new clients, as well as contributing to the Editorial process.
In addition, Jo Anne Eason, formerly the Senior Advisor at Public Strategies, Inc., joined the Dibble team to lead National Outreach Efforts, educating organizations with the benefits of teaching Relationship Education.

Love Notes Pilot as New Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Teachers in Harrison School District 2 in Colorado Springs are piloting a new program in partnership with TESSA, a group that provides resources for victims of Domestic Violence. D-2 is teaching middle and high schoolers about teen dating violence using Love Notes as one of their interventions.

Dibble Programs Listed in Colorado School Safety Resource Guide!

Love Notes, Relationship Smarts PLUS, and Mind Matters have been added to the Colorado School Safety Guide. Our programs were included for their content on consent and inclusion of historically oppressed populations, which in the opinion of Colorado public health professionals, is abuse prevention.

Dibble Is A Partner of Share My Lesson

The American Federation of Teachers powers a free lesson-sharing website for educators across the country. Sample Lessons from The Dibble Institute are free for Download at their site.

Care4U uses Love Notes to Set Up Teens For Success as Adults

Care4U, a federally funded program in partnership with Illinois State University, uses Love Notes to educate high schools on healthy relationship dynamics.

Love Notes Included in Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Sourcebook!

Both Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS are now eligible to be funded by the state.

2019 GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency

The Dibble Institute earned the Seal by sharing our key metrics and highlighting the difference we are making. Visit our updated GuideStar Profile

Relationship Smarts PLUS Evaluated At University of Georgia Extension

From August 30, 2017 to September 3, 2018, a total of 3, 013 youth participated in one of 84 programs across 30 counties. The Majority of the participants felt that the program was helpful or very helpful and they were more prepared for relationships in the future.

Love Notes is Listed on Youth.Gov

Love Notes is one of five Resources for Expectant and Parenting Young families to provide healthy relationship skills for teen mothers and fathers.

Love Notes Reduced Likelihood of Pregnancy by 46%!

According to Principal Investigator, Anita Barbee of the University of Louisville, “Across the first year after the intervention, youth in Love Notes were 46% less likely to become pregnant or impregnate a partner than those in the control condition. We also found that Love Notes reduced risky sexual behaviors of sexual initiation, enhanced the use of condoms and birth control in those who were sexually active, and reduce the number of sexual partners up to 6 months post intervention.”

2017 Revere Awards Finalist

Since 2009, The Dibble Institute received seven Association of American Publisher Awards:
2009 Relationship Smarts PLUS (first edition)
2010 Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships (first edition)
2012 Things to Know Before You Say Go Activity Book
2014 Relationship Smarts PLUS (revision)
2015 Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships (revision)
2016 Love Notes – Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work (first edition)
2017 Love Notes – Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work v2.1

Love Notes Added to List of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Based Programs

The list is maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Love Notes is included based on statistically significant decreases in sexual activity, increases in contraceptive use, and avoidance of pregnancy. Love Notes, which shows impact on three outcomes, is only one of six programs on the list to show efficacy in preventing pregnancy.

Customer list (partial) by funding source

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (2019)

Office of Adolescent Health – Pregnancy Prevention (2015)

Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education (2015-2020)

Responsible Fatherhood (2015-2020)

PREP – Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Pregnancy Assistance Fund

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Project H.O.P.E.S. (Project Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support – Texas Child Welfare)

Teen Pregnancy Prevention – Tier 2 Evaluation

Rape Prevention

Re-Entry – Department of Labor

TRIO – Upward Bound

Violence Against Women – Department of Justice

Runaway and Homeless Youth

Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education (2006-2015)

Responsible Fatherhood (2011-2015)

Private Funding

Program Listings

Our programs are recognized and promoted at the national, state, and local county levels for their impact on key target areas for adolescent and young adult-focused populations. These key focus areas include, but are not limited to: teen pregnancy prevention, sexual risk reduction, dating violence prevention, healthy relationships, social and communication skills, and financial literacy.

National Lists
Programs Included
PEW Charitable Trusts Results First Clearinghouse Database Love Notes 3.0Love Notes Evidence-Based Program, and Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
HHS SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (Legacy) Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
Stockton Center for Economic Evidence and Financial Literacy Financial Education List for Educators Money Habitudes®
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Love Notes 3.0
American Youth Policy Forum

COVID-19 Response Information Hub

Mind Matters
State Lists
Programs Included
California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare CEBC Program Registry Love Notes Evidence-Based Program
California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Precision Medicine Asset Inventory Mind Matters
California Department of Public Health, Center for Healthy Communities California’s Selected Strategies for Rape Prevention Education Funding Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
California Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group Resources to Support Implementation of the California Healthy Youth Act Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
Colorado School Safety Resource Center Colorado Safe Schools Resource Guide Love Notes 3.0, Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0, and Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Sourcebook of Delinquency Interventions Love Notes 3.0 Classic and Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
Ohio Commission on Fatherhood Fatherhood Practitioners Curricula Love Notes 3.0 Classic
Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Erin’s Law 2018 Curriculum Review Love Notes 3.0 Classic and Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
County Lists
Programs Included
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Prevention and Early Prevention Resource Guide 2.0 Love Notes Evidence-Based Program and Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0
Chicago Public Schools Sex Education Approved Curriculum Love Notes

Opportunity to join a top team and change the world!

The Dibble Institute is seeking online interns to help us change the world!

We are looking for people who want to use their family life education to make a real difference in the world. If you have experience in small business or project management and can work independently with a minimum of supervision, this could be a great internship for you!. Knowledge of the research behind youth relationship education is a  definite plus.

The Dibble Institute is an independent, national, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people gain agency in their intimate relationships while learning the skills necessary for successful romantic relationships, now and in the future. We serve as a national leader in the field of youth relationship education. The Dibble Institute translates research into teaching tools  that help teens and young adults learn how to navigate their romantic lives.

Feel free to download a complete Intern Job Description.

If you are interested in learning more about us and this position, please start by sending your resume to KayReed @ DibbleInstitute.org.

Please, no telephone calls.


The Dibble Institute is an equal opportunity employer.