Alabama Department of Public Health , AL (AAEP)

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Alabama Department of Health PREP Case Study



Alabama Department of Public Health

Program Name: Alabama for Abstinence Program (AAEP)
Funding: Administration for Children and Families
What problem is being solved? Pregnancy Prevention using Title V Funding
Curricula used: Relationship Smarts Plus (RS+)
Curricula benefits: RS+ provides relationship-building skills to youth as well as goal setting, negotiating skills, decision making skills and dating violence education. The first half of RQ+ is presented in the 7th grade and the second half in the 8th grade.
Target Audience: RS+ is delivered to youth in the 7th grade and 8th grade
Class size: Between 10 and 30 students
Length of instruction (number of sessions and hours per session): RS+ for 7th grade receive lessons 1-6 and 8th grade receive lessons 7-12. The implementation schedule per class is between 60-75 minutes.
Instructors: All facilitators are trained to use the curriculum.
Student Workbooks: Students are required to have the workbooks that fit each year’s lessons.
Program Recruitment: The students are required to have the worksheets for each activity.

APREP sub-grantees are encouraged to provide incentive items to youth throughout the programming cycle.

Incentives to students:  AAEP sub-grantees provide incentive items as well.