Alabama Department of Public Health, AL (PREP)

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Alabama Department of Health PREP Case Study



Alabama Department of Public Health

Program Name: APREP
Funding: Administration for Children and Families (ACF), PREP Funding
What problem is being solved? Using an evidence based program to teach the required Adult Preparation topics in a pregnancy prevention grant.
Curricula used: Love Notes 2.1 and Money Habitudes are being used with the Alabama Personal Responsibility Education Program (APREP). Selected activities from Love Notes are used.
Curricula benefits: Money Habitudes provides financial literacy education to youth. The selected Love Notes activities provides healthy relationship skills. For APREP, adult preparation subjects are required by the Federal grant and the two selected curricula assist with these requirements.
Target Audience: APREP programming – Love Notes 2.1 and Money Habitudes are used primarily in community based settings.
Audience  Demographics: Love Notes and Money Habitudes are delivered to youth age – 10-19 based in the community setting, which is determined by the sub- grantees. The majority of the APREP programming is with adjudicated youth in community based settings.
Class size: APREP class sizes are 5-15 youth per one facilitator.
Length of instruction (number of sessions and hours per session): Love Notes and Money Habitudes are both 60-minute sessions.
Instructors: All facilitators are trained before implementing the curricula by either ADPH staff or our partners at the Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.
Incentives to students: The students are required to have the worksheets for each activity.

APREP sub-grantees are encouraged to provide incentive items to youth throughout the programming cycle.