California Rape Prevention Education

Applicant Toolkit

The Safe and Active Communities Branch of the California Department of Public Health has just released their Rape Prevention and Education Request for Application.

Relationship Smarts 4.0

Tier 2 projects, which implement and evaluate comprehensive school-based projects, may use Relationship Smarts PLUS (RQ+) to accomplish the Healthy Relationships strategy.

Dibble will support applicants with many of the essential elements that must be included in the Comprehensive Schools-Based Project Strategy including:

  • Trainings for school staff and administration (contact us for a quote.)
  • Support for the Youth Leadership Team
  • Assistance with School-Wide Activities
  • Providing Relationship Smarts PLUS, an evidence based school curriculum, that addresses knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that help to prevent sexual violence.

We would also be pleased to work with you to develop an Implementation Work Plan and Guide using Relationship Smarts PLUS to reduce the rates of sexual violence perpetration and victimization and to increase safe, equitable, and respectful relationships.

If you would like to review Relationship Smarts PLUS, for the Healthy Relationship strategy, please email us for a free, 30 day online copy.