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July 2017 Webinar

Practical Methods for Implementing Love Notes with Risk-Immersed Youth

Learn from two experienced youth leaders who work with risk immersed youth
and young fathers how they successfully implemented Love Notes in their settings.

Clay Rojas from California works with young men and women in correctional settings
while Avis Files from Ohio supports young fathers in realizing their hopes and dreams
for their children and themselves.

They will cover ways to 1) build rapport and connections with youth, 2) think outside
the box to make concepts fun and interesting, 3) move from skepticism to optimism
especially in terms of addressing dating and domestic violence.


  • Clay Rojas, Prison Families Aftercare
  • Avis Files, Brothers United Fatherhood Program, Pathway Inc

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April 2017 Webinar

Empowering Disconnected Youth:

The Protective Factors of Healthy Relationship Education

Relationships, whether sound or not, are central to the lives of disconnected youth. When at-risk youth learn healthy relationship skills they discover how to make beneficial decisions about their lives, their romantic relationships, and their family connections.

We will identify risk factors that foster youth and runaway, homeless youth experience and how healthy relationship education offers protective factors that empower them to make healthier choices for their futures.

At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Identify the risk factors that disconnected youth experience and the protective factors that healthy relationship education offers them.
  • Learn how healthy relationship education increases social and emotional well-being as well as decision making for youth.
  • Discover how the evidence-based curriculum Love Notes is being used to improve outcomes for at-risk, homeless youth.

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow – Director of Outreach l The Dibble Institute

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May 2016 Webinar

Putting Youth Relationship Education
on the Child Welfare Agenda:
Findings from Research and Evaluation

Relationships are important in helping youth achieve their goals and a successful transition into adulthood. Having the skills to manage healthy relationships can make a difference as youth make decisions related to school, employment, and pregnancy prevention. These skills may be especially important for youth involved in or aging out of the child welfare system.

This webinar will provide participants with a better understanding of the importance of healthy relationships for youth in foster care. This webinar also will summarize current research and evaluation evidence on relationship education for youth in foster care.

At the end of this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Why healthy relationships matter for youth in foster care
  • What types of programs focus on healthy relationships for youth in foster care
  • Key program elements that are critical for successfully improving relationship skills among vulnerable youth

Presenters: Mindy E. Scott, Ph.D., Deputy Program Area Director and Senior Research Scientist; April Wilson, Ph.D., Research Scientist with Child Trends

Putting Youth Relationship Education on the Child Welfare Agenda (Full Report)
What Works for Promoting and Enhancing Positive Social Skills

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April 2016 Webinar

Introducing At-Risk Youth to Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work

At-risk youth, like many young people, are eager to build healthy, long lasting relationships. Yet, they lack the confidence and skills to do so.

The recently revised Love Notes v2.1: Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work helps disconnected youth learn those skills to succeed in love, life, and work.

Love Notes takes an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program applicable to personal and work life.

Love Notes was recently placed on the Office of Adolescent Health’s list of evidence based pregnancy prevention programs based on its strong results in preventing pregnancies in an evaluation at the University of Louisville.

Learn from program developer, Marline Pearson, more about Love Notes and its innovative theory of change that helps at-risk youth learn relationship skills for love, life and work

Presenter:Marline E. Pearson, MA,
Author of Love Notes v2.1 and Relationship Smarts Plus v3.0

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September 2015 Webinar

Healthy Relationship Education
with Disconnected Youth

Healthy relationships are important in “all” young people’s lives!

Disconnected and vulnerable youth including Runaway Homeless Youth, Pregnant Teens, LGBT, and youth living in low-socioeconomic neighborhoods want to have healthy relationships. What’s the best way to help them achieve their dreams?

Join us to see how the healthy relationship education curriculum – Love Notes – is changing attitudes, behaviors and lives of these most vulnerable young people.

Guest speaker Vanessa Mejia will present a successful model of healthy relationship education with disconnected youth in schools, and community centers, as well as a shelter in Brooklyn, NY.

Presenter: Vanessa Mejia, MPH
Youth Services Program Coordinator
Diaspora Community Services, Brooklyn, NY

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