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July 2017 Webinar

Practical Methods for Implementing Love Notes with Risk-Immersed Youth

Learn from two experienced youth leaders who work with risk immersed youth
and young fathers how they successfully implemented Love Notes in their settings.

Clay Rojas from California works with young men and women in correctional settings
while Avis Files from Ohio supports young fathers in realizing their hopes and dreams
for their children and themselves.

They will cover ways to 1) build rapport and connections with youth, 2) think outside
the box to make concepts fun and interesting, 3) move from skepticism to optimism
especially in terms of addressing dating and domestic violence.


  • Clay Rojas, Prison Families Aftercare
  • Avis Files, Brothers United Fatherhood Program, Pathway Inc

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January 2015 Webinar

Models of Success:
Case Studies of Effective Healthy Marriage and
Responsible Fatherhood Grantees

Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood grant applications are forecast to be released in January!

Learn from three successful current grantees about how they implement Healthy Relationship Education in their programs. Each uses a Dibble curriculum that meets the unique needs of their target audience. They will share models, stories of impact, and outcomes.

Presenters: Deborah Gunn, First Things First, Chattanooga, TN
John Lewis, FuturoNow, Southern CA
Erin Stone, Relationship Skills Center, Sacramento, CA

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June 2014 Webinar

“Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City”
Dr. Kathryn Edin

Professor Edin discusses her most recent work, “Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City,” just published in May 2013, through which in-depth interviews allow unmarried low-income fathers to tell their side of the story.

The book’s intimate interviews make real the significant obstacles low-income men face at every step in the familial process: from the difficulties of romantic relationships, to decision-making dilemmas at conception, to the often celebratory moment of birth, and, finally, to the hardships that accompany the early years of the child’s life, and beyond.

Professor Edin will discuss the radical redefinition of family life “Doing the Best I Can” reveals, one that has revolutionized the meaning of fatherhood among inner-city men.

Presenter: Dr. Kathryn Edin, Author “Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City”

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April 2014 Webinar

The Greatest Gift to a Child:
A Healthy Parental Relationship

Social Science research has taught us a great deal about how healthy and stable couple relationships matter to children. High rates of unplanned childbearing among teens and young adults are generating more gender, racial and income inequality plus producing profoundly unequal outcomes for children.

Webinar attendees will examine:

  • the impact of the parental relationship on children,
  • the benefits a healthy parental union brings to a child and
  • how educators can guide parents to create and sustain a healthy, parental relationship in today’s culture.

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach, The Dibble Institute

Audience: Fatherhood, Marriage, Head Start Program Directors, Child Support Services Caseworkers and Directors, Tribal Fatherhood personnel, Tribal Head Start Caseworkers and Program Directors, Community Action Program personnel, Community Program Directors and Facilitators and anyone who works with teens and young adults.

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