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April 2015 Webinar

Relationship Education Outreach
in 4-H and Extension Programs

All states have Extension Programs filling educational gaps for their rural and urban citizens. Community organizations and teachers can take advantage of the relationship education programs offered by their Extension Agents.

Join three Extension Specialists who are creatively offering relationship education for youth using Dibble Programs in 4-H, Financial Literacy, and Family Development settings.

Ahlishia Shipley, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Craig Dart, Utah State 4-H Extension
Eric Murphy, West Virginia Family & Consumer Sciences Extension
Jennifer Hunter, Univ. of Kentucky Family & Consumer Sciences Ext.

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July 2014 Webinar

Beyond the Feds –Proven Fundraising Strategies for
Healthy Relationship Programs

Learn proven strategies of raising private money for relationship skills classes with youth. Our panel will discuss a wide variety of methods they have used to fund classes that help teens get smart about their love lives.

Panelists: Carol Jackson, Program Director of Families Matter in Memphis, TN.
Erin Stone, Executive Director of Relationship Skills Center in Sacramento, CA.
Kathy Schleier, Executive Director of Family Frameworks in Dalton, GA.

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May 2014 Webinar

Money Habitudes 2 – For At-Risk Youth
What money means, and why it matters

Do your students show little interest in learning money management skills? Can they understand the skills but do not connect them to the relevancy of them in their lives, therefore show little progress in their personal saving, spending, budgeting behavior?

Learn about the newest Dibble program, Money Habitudes 2®, a quick way to introduce vulnerable youth to the non-technical, human side of money – a critical element of successful money management.
Learn how Money Habitudes 2®

  • Is relevant for many grant programs including pregnancy prevention, teen parenting, and workforce development.
  • Is valuable for building both financial competence and relationship skills.
  • Is quick and easy to teach.
  • Is youth friendly, fun, and activity focused.

Presenter: David Durand, Leadership Development Manager, CCEO YouthBuild, Lennox, California

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February 2013 Webinar

Can’t Buy Me Love:

How to be Rich in Life and Love

Learn how understanding the emotional side of money can help young people make wiser choices in life, love and money management. Put two people in the same situation where they need to make a money-related choice and they’re likely to react to the situation differently. Our past experiences, values, and messages all influence our reactions. We know this, but we may not realize how much these influences affect our daily financial and social behavior.

Guest presenter: Syble Solomon, creator of “Money Habitudes”,

February Webinar