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January 2017 Webinar

2016 Highlights in Youth Relationship Education: Trends, Tools, Research, and More!

Join The Dibble Institute’s staff as they share their highpoints from last year in the field of youth relationship education.

Topics include:

  • Research that relationship education is a potent new tool for pregnancy prevention,
  • Robust relationship education as part of the sexual violence prevention toolkit,
  • New settings for relationship education including corrections, child welfare, and dating violence prevention,
  • New evidence that porn threatens the capacity to build intimacy, and
  • Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) through relationship education.

Presenters: The Dibble Institute Staff

  • Kay Reed, Executive Director
  • Irene Varley, Director of Education
  • Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach
  • Aaron Larson, Acquisitions and Product Coordinator

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October 2016 Webinar

Why “Love Notes” Works
as a Relationship-Based Pregnancy
Prevention Program

In this webinar, Dr. Anita Barbee, will discuss how the “Theories of Change” in the Love Notes Evidence Based Program Model are effective for adolescent life planning and healthy relationship initiation and maintenance. She will also cover how helping youth think about sex fits into their quest for connection

In this webinar you will:

  1. Understand how Love Notes is similar to and different from other Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) interventions.
  2. Understand the reasons why Love Notes is an effective TPP and IPV prevention intervention and a brief view of research results.
  3. Learn the key content in Love Notes regarding life planning, relationship initiation and maintenance, and sexual health.

Presenter: Anita Barbee, Ph.D., University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work, Program Director of CHAMPS! (Creating Healthy Adolescents through Meaningful Prevention Services).

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April 2016 Webinar

Introducing At-Risk Youth to Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work

At-risk youth, like many young people, are eager to build healthy, long lasting relationships. Yet, they lack the confidence and skills to do so.

The recently revised Love Notes v2.1: Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work helps disconnected youth learn those skills to succeed in love, life, and work.

Love Notes takes an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program applicable to personal and work life.

Love Notes was recently placed on the Office of Adolescent Health’s list of evidence based pregnancy prevention programs based on its strong results in preventing pregnancies in an evaluation at the University of Louisville.

Learn from program developer, Marline Pearson, more about Love Notes and its innovative theory of change that helps at-risk youth learn relationship skills for love, life and work

Presenter:Marline E. Pearson, MA,
Author of Love Notes v2.1 and Relationship Smarts Plus v3.0

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Love Notes: Integrating Relationship Education with Pregnancy/STI Prevention Size: 5.7 MB Downloads: 217

March 2014 Webinar

UP YOUR GAME! Strengthen Your PREP Adult Preparation Topics Using Proven, Adaptable Materials

Now that you have figured out how to deliver excellent, evidence based pregnancy prevention instruction, how about your adult preparation topics? Join PREP Pregnancy Prevention Grant sub-awardees to learn how they are using Dibble evidence based materials to successfully teach the Adult Preparation topics.

Learn how to:

  • select the program that best engages your audience and
  • adapt the material to meet your needs for time and topic.

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April 2013 Webinar

The Next Generation:
Integrating Sex Ed with Relationship Ed

Love Notes v2.0 is an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program. Typically those goals are served by separate programs all operating within their own paradigms.

Love Notes is a new approach to many persistent problems. Geared to at-risk teens, young adults and parenting youth, Love Notes v2.0 is in the federal Tier II pregnancy prevention evaluation and is an adaptation of Relationship Smarts PLUS which is on SAMHSA’s registry of evidence-based programs. It also meets the National Sexuality Education and Health Standards.

Guest Presenter: Marline Pearson, author of Love Notes v2.0 and Love U2: Relationships Smarts PLUS

April Webinar