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February 2014 Webinar

I’m In Love!
Understanding and Handling Fabulous Love Chemicals

Many of us remember our first crush. Our feet barely touched the ground and we couldn’t get that special someone out of our minds. The feelings of romantic attraction are incredible! Thanks to modern science we now know that most of our “in love” sensations are due to various chemicals naturally coursing through our brains. Join Marlene Pearson, author of Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS, to learn about the brain chemistry behind falling in love and how it affects us. She’ll also explore how to help youth

  • understand what they are feeling,
  • appreciate the positives of the early stages of attraction, and
  • make good relationship and sexual decisions.

Presenter: Marlene Pearson, Author of Love Notes, v.2.0 and Relationships Smarts PLUS v.3.0.

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July 2013 Webinar

Why Teens Hook-Up:
Relationship Skills to Today’s Teens

What’s “hooking up” and why do teens do it? With 1 out of 4 first-time sexual relationships between teens one-time affairs, it’s clear that young people are often pressured to “hook up” and are unaware of how to make healthy decisions about their love lives.

Most teens really want affection and connection, but often think sex is the only way to obtain it. As adults working with youth, we are often dismayed when turbulent relationships and untimely parenthood derail youth from the path to a promising future. Join us as we explore the “Hook Up” generation and how integrating Relationship Education can help teens develop skills to make healthy connections.

Guest presenter: Janet Pozmantier, M.S., L.P.C, L.M.F.T., R.P.T., Outreach Educator for The Dibble Institute

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May Webinar

April 2013 Webinar

The Next Generation:
Integrating Sex Ed with Relationship Ed

Love Notes v2.0 is an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program. Typically those goals are served by separate programs all operating within their own paradigms.

Love Notes is a new approach to many persistent problems. Geared to at-risk teens, young adults and parenting youth, Love Notes v2.0 is in the federal Tier II pregnancy prevention evaluation and is an adaptation of Relationship Smarts PLUS which is on SAMHSA’s registry of evidence-based programs. It also meets the National Sexuality Education and Health Standards.

Guest Presenter: Marline Pearson, author of Love Notes v2.0 and Love U2: Relationships Smarts PLUS

April Webinar