The Connections Courses

What Teens Need to Know about Dating and Relationships

Connections: Dating and EmotionsConnections: Relationships and Marriage

Connections Dating and Emotions, Relationships and Marriage

The Connections Courses created by Char Kamper, are among the best selling programs from The Dibble Institute. The innovative, research-based series includes two curricula, each appropriate to the needs and concerns of a different age group.Connections: Dating & Emotions helps prepare younger teens for the challenges of early relationships, develop healthy dating practices and build a solid foundation for the future.Connections: Relationships and Marriage offers older teens a deeper exploration of the skills required for healthy, stable relationships with family, friends, dating partners, and eventually marriage.Both Connections courses are fascinating to teens and immediately useful. In addition to lectures, lessons include lively brainstorming, small group work, games and role-playing. Some of the key topics include

  • Self-understanding
  • How relationships work
  • Managing emotions
  • Dating and emotions
  • Dealing with problems
  • Effective communication
  • What to expect from dating and marriage

Designed for use in schools and youth organizations, Connections aligns with national standards and integrates with textbooks. Content is non-religious, non-sexual and based on current researchComplete and ready to teach, the lessons can easily be completed in 40 minute sessions, even with larger classes.The CONNECTIONS courses were created by Charlene R. Kamper, MA, CFLE, an educator with 30+ years experience as a teacher of teens and youth advocate.