Connections: Dating & Emotions

By Char Kamper, MA, CFLE
Connections: Dating and Emotions Collage
Grades: 6-11
Length: 15 one-hour lessons

Dating doesn’t always come naturally. The innovative, research-based Connections: Dating & Emotions helps prepare younger teens for the challenges of early relationships,develop  healthy dating practices and build a solid foundation for the future.Fifteen engaging, ready-to-teach lessons show teens how relationships develop, effective ways to communicate, awareness of destructive patterns, managing feelings, and other essential skills, including concepts from PREP®. Using an overall wellness approach, the course emphasizes self awareness, personal growth, self-regulation of emotions and interpersonal success.

Specific topics include:

  • Getting Ready: What’s Dating About…Maturity…Ask, Accept, Decline
  • Going Out: Why Am I Dating?…How Relationships Grow…What To Say
  • Difficulties: Loneliness…Problem Patterns…Making Choices…Abuse
  • Defining the Relationship: It’s Not Working…It’s Over…Moving On
  • Starting Over: Feel Another’s Feelings…Love that Lasts

A Dibble best-seller, Connections: Dating & Emotions was created by Char Kamper, an educator with 30+ years experience as a teacher of teens and youth advocate.

Connections: Dating & Emotions” Instructor’s Kit includes:

  • Instructor’s Guide with 15 lessons
  • Resource CD with PowerPoints, game cards, and reproducible worksheets
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