Connections: Relationships & Marriage

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Connections: Relationships and Marriage

The Connections: Relationships and Marriage unit has been written in four sections: Section I – Personality; Section II – Relationships; Section III – Communication; and Section IV – Marriage. The materials have been written to allow the instructor maximum flexibility with the subject matter. Each of the sections can be taught separately when integrated with other subject areas, or they may be taught in sequence as a 20-lesson unit. Instructors may incorporate materials and motivators of their own, which are suitable for their particular groups and are compatible with the stated goals and objectives of the unit. This curriculum includes a participant workbook, an instructor’s manual, participant copies of The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, marriage unit game cards, and a CD carrying PowerPoint slides.Announcement! A promising juvenile delinquency programLessons have been designed so that evaluation of participant achievement is more qualitative than quantitative, more concerned with process and continuing growth than with a specific measurable product. Homework assignments have been limited to those which extend the lesson’s purpose or lead into a new lesson, and which actively involve participants in their own learning.The purpose of the workbook is to assist young people in gaining a better understanding of themselves, to help identify positive or negative patterns of behavior that influence the quality of relationships, to clarify perceptions and expectations in dating relationships, and to offer guidelines for choosing a life mate.Connections: Relationships and Marriage - One of a Kind PosterThe marriage section of the workbook is designed to increase awareness of specific areas of importance within the marriage relationship. These areas include: setting priorities, sharing responsibility for the children, understanding the fundamentals of family finances, working through crisis, and learning how to enjoy time spent together.Connections: Relationships and Marriage - DiskThe Connections: Relationships and Marriage unit provides the participants with the opportunity throughout the lessons to develop practical interactive skills in communication which is the basis for all successful life relationships. The unit is most directly applicable in the following classes: family life education, social studies, family consumer sciences, and health education.