Connections: Relationships & Marriage

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Connections: Relationships and Marriage WorkbookCompletely Revised and Expanded for 2011

Completely revised in 2011, Connections: Relationships and Marriage teaches young adults the practical skills for creating – and sustaining – healthy, meaningful relationships.Major goals include the strengthening of self-awareness, self-confidence and communication skills, as these provide the foundation for forming positive relationships with others.In addition to basic relationship topics, the lessons introduce issues such as roadblocks to relationships, building on individual strengths, how family experiences shape relationship expectations, communication and conflict resolution, life goals, love, commitment and the realities of marriage. PREP concepts are incorporated throughout the course.Connections: Relationships and Marriage is ready to teach with a minimum of preparation and accommodates instructors at all levels of expertise. The concise, structured format permits lessons to be easily completed in 50 minute sessions, even with larger classes.Designed for use in schools and youth organizations, Connections’ material aligns with national standards and integrates with most textbooks. Content is non-religious, non-sexual and based on current research.Announcement! A promising juvenile delinquency program