Connections: Relationships & Marriage

What Others Say


One student, during the “Plan for Life” section stated: “I never knew or even thought of making a plan.” Another student, who is currently in foster care, began to understand that her parent had made poor choices in relationships and stopped blaming herself. She is suddenly doing better in school and determined to be a success!Teacher, Westwood Charter School, Westood, CA


Students were very interested in marriage and relationships, dating and budgeting. The curriculum was very informative and provided the students with important skills for their futures.Mary A BarnesEast High SchoolMemphis, TNConnections: Relationships & MarriageThe students learned a lot from Lesson 15 about budgeting. Many of my students complain about their parents not giving them enough money to spend. This lesson helped them realize how much household expenses can be. Many of the students realized how difficult it can be to manage, especially if only one of the parents is working or the parents make minimum wage.Aurora CazaresAmerican Lutheran ChurchWoodland, CAThank you for providing this information. It is invaluable to help students begin to be aware of how they are behaving, to begin to see more clearly interactions around them, and how things can be better – that they have power to improve their worlds and their future lives. Two students told me that they don’t not fight with their moms as much as they used to. Another said she and her boyfriend (with whom she lives) do not fight as much and that when they do argue, issues are resolved in a healthier way. Another said they are more aware of what they argue about and are more willing to share the blame. Finally, a student states that they have increased awareness about negativity and do not take that on themselves as readily. I attribute this to the lessons on communication and increased awareness about how they interact.Melodie ClabornMount Baker High SchoolDeming, WAThe students learned the importance of their personality type and how that really affects the person they are. They also learned how important it is to handle conflict in a calm manner.Lillian GreeneRaleigh – Egypt High SchoolMemphis, TNMy students learned more about themselves through the personality sorter. By learning to understand themselves students could relate to others better.McQuita JonesFairley High SchoolMemphis, TNAnnouncement! A promising juvenile delinquency programWe had huge issues with conflict in my 4th period class particularly. Now they will even bring up activities we’ve used in class when someone falls back into bad habits. I also think the personality units helped all my students gain valuable insight into themselves and their own potential as well as self-defeating behaviors. I appreciate the Keirsey Temperament Sorter booklets.Rosemary LindbergTimpanogos High SchoolOrem, UTThe students improved their ability to problem solve and make better decisions. After the class they were much more able to communicate with their peers.Helen MarbleRocky Mountain High SchoolWest Point, UTAfter the curriculum had been taught, students had a much better understanding of who they are as well as the type of partner that they would like to marry.Ebonie ReedCraigmont High SchoolMemphis, TNStudents are more confident in their strengths and they have a better understanding of themselves. They are much more able to recognize and indentify the characteristics of positive and negative relationships.Sonya P WilliamsRaleigh – Egypt High SchoolMemphis, TN