Dr. Elsbeth Martindale

Elsbeth MartindaleElsbeth Martindale, PsyD, is a Portland, Oregon-based psychologist with over 25 years experience in clinical practice. Active and engaging in her approach to psychotherapy, she finds working with conceptual teaching tools to be a powerful way to assist clients in their growth. Her interest in skill and tool focused psychotherapy has led her to develop a number of creative and instructive products to fill the gaps where psycho-educational tools were absent.

Activities Package

The Things to Know Before You Say “Go” book and deck was developed by Dr. Martindale while working with clients around relationship issues of trust and intimacy. Concerned that her clients were not asking the deeper questions they needed to consider in order to protect their hearts, she created a deck of provocative and powerful questions to move them to deeper inquiry and reflection.

Dr. Martindale developed Things to Know Before You Say “Go” as a resource to help people slow down and think with clarity, intelligence, and passion and about partnership choices and decisions.