WEBINAR: Online Teaching Strategies: Tips and Guidance from the Field

Online Webinar

We are starting this school year with many questions. Will we teach students in classrooms? Or, will we engage them via ZOOM? (Based on current conditions, ZOOM looks more and more likely.) Our big question is… how do we effectively teach relationship skills virtually? In March, Dibble convened a working group of clients who were moving instruction online. Together, we created this free Online Teaching Toolkit. Join us in a conversation with several experienced practitioners who were part of that effort to learn how they successfully moved their instruction in Dibble materials into the virtual world. Objectives: Webinar attendees will gain guidance in: The points to consider when developing an online teaching approach. Tips for keeping young people engaged in online learning. The apps and tools that enhance core concepts. Best practices for online facilitation. Presenters:  Tracy Barber, Aiming for Healthy Families, Mississippi John Lewis, Urban Strategies, California Jonelle Zachary, Healthy Visions, Ohio Who should...