FACS Student Teacher Toolkit

FACS Collage

Congratulations on choosing an exciting and meaningful career as a Family and Consumer Sciences educator!  You will find The Dibble Institute is ready to help you succeed in the classroom with relevant, hands-on, research-based programs and materials.The Dibble Institute equips young people with the skills and knowledge they need to lead healthy romantic lives now and in the future. We are a non-profit organization that serves as a clearinghouse on teen and young adult relationships. We also use research to develop healthy relationship education programs for educators, like you, to use.This page contains information we hope you will find useful:

  1. Evaluations, white papers, and brochures for research papers,
  2. Sample lesson plans for student teaching.

All Dibble curricula meet the national FACS standards while giving you teaching flexibility for your style, student population, and time allotments.Sign up for the Monthly Newsletter and other resources from the Homepage.And, “Like us on Facebook” for research and program updates. Dibble Chalkboard