Charlie Dibble

For more than 40 years, Charles Dibble enjoyed professional success and recognition as a designer of aircraft engines.   After “retiring” in the late 1960s, Dibble turned his creativity to another challenge – organizing community programs for young people, especially those that could build self-esteem and confidence.In the late 1980’s, on the wedding day of his grand niece, Dibble’s true legacy began to take shape. As he chatted briefly with the young bride, she reassured him, “Don’t worry Uncle Charlie. It’s just my first marriage.”

But “Charlie” was very concerned. He was troubled by how his young relative envisioned marriage, and by the suffering he had witnessed in his other young friends as a consequence of divorce.

Dibble decided to spend his last years helping young people learn the skills necessary for successful marriages.

“We will develop and implement educational programs to provide high school and college students with an understanding of the components of a successful marriage, and to help them prepare for such a relationship.” “There is exciting work being done in the field, but it is scattered and not organized to be generally useful to educators or parents. We recognize that it will take dedicated work to find and support those who have talent to contribute. We have established the Dibble Institute for Marriage Education to carry on when I can no longer contribute .”

Today, The Dibble Institute is privileged to continue the work of such a loving and far-sighted philanthropist.