Runaway and Homeless Youth

End Homelessness
Love Notes Instructor's Manual Cover v2.1
Money Habitudes 2
Mind Matters Journal

The Dibble Institute’s programs have been successfully used to help support and transition homeless youth and young parents to self-sufficiency and sustainable living with engaging and effective interventions.

By utilizing Love Notes (Classic), an evidence-based relationship skills program, you will be addressing several key grant requirements for empowering young people to:

  1. Create strong social supports,
  2. Develop relationship capacity,
  3. Build permanent connections,
  4. Improve social and emotional well being,
  5. Prevent and/or decrease risky behaviors,
  6. Become better parents (MHG), and
  7. Learn life and employability skills.

Money Habitudes 2 for at-risk youth is an engaging program that connects the heart and head of finance. Money Habitudes 2 is written specifically for at-risk and low resource youth in community programs, including pregnancy prevention, teen parenting and workforce development.

In addition, Dibble’s newest program Mind Matters – Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience will give you the tools and confidence to implement a trauma informed approach as well as to respond appropriately to the individual needs of traumatized youth, prevent re-traumatization, reduce the stress of young parents, and help ensure the well-being of children. We are happy to help you craft a strong application with:

  • Relationship skills logic models
  • Program training and professional development in core competencies
  • Annual and five year budget forecasting
  • Signing a third party agreement or letter of support

For a complimentary online curriculum review copy of any of our materials or other support in writing your grant, please contact:

Dixie Zittlow  |  Director of Outreach.

920-664-6066  |

Also, check out our webinar, “Empowering Disconnected Youth with the Protective Factors of Healthy Relationship Education”, to learn more!