Grant Alerts and Funding Opportunities

Announced Grant Opportunities

Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation for Education

Deadline: Multiple Dates

The Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation was established to support education and the education and the arts. While the Foundation has historically supported nonprofit organizations in Florida and Indiana, requests from around the country are considered. The Foundation primarily supports education, art, and outreach programs and projects. Grants of between $1,000 and $10,000 receive greater consideration. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Youth Initiative Grant

Deadline: Multiple Dates
The goal of the Youth Initiative is to support direct service programs that promote resilience, stability, and pyscho-social health for youth ages 14-21 who have been traumatized by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The average grant size for the Children’s Initiative is $30,000 or less. The Foundation gives priority to programs that:

  • Actively solicit input from program beneficiaries in ways that guide the design, delivery, and refinement of the program.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to enhance the program curriculum, measure outcomes, or expand and share knowledge in order to better serve program beneficiaries.
  • Take a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach, treating individuals holistically, and consider existing social and cultural contexts.
  • Educate significant adults (e.g., parent, foster parent, teacher, coach) in order to best serve program beneficiaries.
  • Serve youth segments that historically have less access to services, including youth of color, youth from rural communities, youth involved with state systems, refugees, LGBTQ youth, and those who have experienced sexual exploitation.

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PNC Foundation

The PNC Foundation supports educational programs for children and youth, particularly early childhood education initiatives that meet the criteria established through PNC Grow Up Great. Specifically, PNC Grow Up Great grants must:

  • Support early education initiatives that benefit children from birth to age five; and
  • Serve a majority of children (>50%) from low- to moderate-income families; and Include one or a combination of the following:
  • direct services/programs for children in their classroom or community;
  • professional development/workforce development for early childhood educators;
  • family and/or community engagement in children’s early learning

The grant focus must include math, science, reading, vocabulary building, the arts, financial education, or social/emotional development. Visit the website to find a PNC Foundation in your region.

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Forecasted Opportunities

Advancing Equity in Adolescent Health through Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Estimated Post Date: December 1, 2022

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program is a national, evidence-based program that funds diverse organizations working to reach adolescents to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes and promote positive youth development. The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) anticipates FY2023 funds being available to support cooperative agreements for organizations to advance health equity for adolescents, their family, and communities through the replication and scaling of medically accurate and age appropriate evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs that have been proven effective through rigorous evaluation to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risk factors underlying teenage pregnancy, or other associated risk factors. Anticipated funds will be used to serve communities and populations with the greatest needs and facing significant disparities to advance equity in adolescent health through the replication of evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs and services.

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Tier 2 Rigorous Evaluation Cooperative Agreements

Estimated Post Date: December 15, 2022
The purpose of the TPP Tier 2 Rigorous Evaluation Cooperative Agreements is to fund rigorous impact and implementation evaluation of promising approaches for preventing teen pregnancy and related risk behaviors. Through the awards, OPA aims to address the changing needs of youth and communities by increasing the number of programs available that are proven to reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and behavioral risk factors underlying teen pregnancy, and to disseminate those interventions that demonstrate effectiveness. OPA is especially interested in funding rigorous evaluations of promising interventions in populations and settings with great need and those that demonstrate significant health disparities, such as, but not limited to, interventions in juvenile justice or foster care/child welfare settings, with expectant and parenting youth, youth with disabilities, with homeless youth, or for caregivers.

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Additional Funding Possibilities

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds

$122 Billion in ESSER Funding is available for schools obligated through 2023.This opportunity for communities and schools to partner together is a rare one-time funding opportunity to provide needed relief from adult and student trauma surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Watch a special Dibble webinar explaining these unique funds and ask your local school district how you can support their ESSER plans to address Mental Health and Social and Emotional Learning.

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Not for Profit Hospital (NFP) Funds

All NFP hospitals have an obligation to the IRS to provide some form of community benefit work. There are designated funds to provide community programming that aligns with the needs shown by the hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This information is collected every three years and publicly posted. By researching your local NFP’s CHNA results, you may find opportunities to partner with their community benefit program to deliver teenage programs. Examples include classes for expecting or parenting teens, mental health support, nutrition courses, and more.

Questions to ask your local NFP Tip Sheet

Or, read this case study to see how one NFP in Arkansas funded their program for Love Notes

Blue Cross Blue Shield Community Partnerships

Blue Cross has partnerships with communities in each U.S. State. There are ongoing funding opportunities and grants to deliver improvement for community health. Learn more about the opportunities near you.

Despite your best efforts, you’ve just learned that your federal grant proposal was not funded or your grant non-continued. Bummer. We’ve been there too. After an appropriate amount of time to grieve, time to roll up your sleeves and get back to it! The youth you serve need relationship education. But how? Join Kay Reed and Aaron Larson in this webinar just for Dibble clients to explore alternative funding possibilities. California ACES grant was just announced, see below for this new opportunity.

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