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The National Campaign To Prevent Teen PregnancyWhy Mess with Success?

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies, both House and Senate Appropriations Committees have voted to either eliminate or gut the federal, evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP).  They suggest that if you are part of the 83% of the public that supports the TPPP and the 74% of the public that supports investing taxpayer dollars in programs proven to delay sex, improve contraceptive use, and/or prevent teen pregnancy, you need to let your elected representatives know.

  • Here are some general ideas on what you can do to help.
  • Here is a blog from National Campaign Board member Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution on why Republicans should use evidence and not ideology when funding teen pregnancy prevention programs.
  • For state specific information about teen and unplanned pregnancy, and TPPP and Title X grants going to the state, see here.

(Ed Note: An important part of the federally funded PREP pregnancy prevention grants are instruction in adult preparation topics, of which healthy relationships is included. Thousands of young people around the country are benefiting from learning how to navigate their love lives. As the Campaign says…let’s not mess with success.)


Child TrendsWhat the marriage ruling means for LGBTQ youth

The recent Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide will likely have reverberating effects for today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. But challenges remain for these youth, and their feeling supported can help. Learn more from Child Trends.


Institute Of Marriage And Family CanadaThe glaring omission from sex education

Most teens would like to marry one day – but receive no guidance on how

About 88 percent of Canadian teens say they expect to marry someday. This is a good thing since there is ample evidence that marriage remains the gold standard for family formation, offering benefits to adults and children alike.

One place they are not likely to find evidence-based guidance is at school in sexuality education classes. This should give us pause since research shows that teen relationship history is linked to future romantic patterns.

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Child TrendsHealthy relationships for youth

At-risk youth can have a hard time establishing and maintaining relationships. Healthy marriage and relationship education (HMRE) programs for youth aim to support the development of skills related to forming healthy relationships. These skills apply in romance and friendship, and even employability. Child Trends has recently developed tools to help HMRE programs assess their outcomes, and collect data from youth. Learn more in this webinar.


National Public Radio

Nice Kids Finish First: Study Finds Social Skills Can Predict Future Success

A study finds that children who demonstrate more “pro-social” skills — those who share more and who are better listeners — are more likely to have jobs and stay out of trouble as young adults.


University Of Chicago Consortium

Foundations for Young Adult Success:

A Developmental Framework

Amid growing recognition that strong academic skills alone are not enough for young people to become successful adults, this comprehensive report offers wide-ranging evidence to show what young people need to develop from preschool to young adulthood to succeed in college and career, have healthy relationships, be engaged citizens, and make wise choices. Download the report.

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September 9th

Second Wednesday Webinars

Healthy Relationships

with Disconnected Youth

Healthy relationships are important in “all” young people’s lives!

Disconnected and vulnerable youth including Runaway Homeless Youth, Pregnant Teens, LGBT, and youth living in low-socioeconomic neighborhoods want to have healthy relationships. What’s the best way to help them achieve their dreams?

Join us to see how the healthy relationship education curriculum – Love Notes – is changing attitudes, behaviors and lives of these most vulnerable young people.

Guest speaker Vanessa Mejia will present a successful model of healthy relationship education with disconnected youth in schools, and community centers, as well as a shelter in Brooklyn, NY.

Presenter:   Vanessa Mejia, MPH

Youth Services Program Coordinator

 Diaspora Community Services, Brooklyn, NY

Who should attend: Runaway/homeless grantees; Juvenile justice workers, Group-home caseworkers; DV caseworkers; At-risk teens advocates, high school teachers, Community Action caseworkers, guidance counselors, and all who work with youth.

When: Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 4:00 pm Eastern/1:00 pm Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

Register Now!

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Huff PostInteractive Graphic Novel

Teaches How To Stop Sexual Assault

A class at Carnegie Mellon University has created an interactive graphic novel aimed at helping students better understand how to spot warning signs and intervene to stop sexual assault in real social situations.

The online game, “Decisions that Matter,” walks users through various scenarios on campus. Your character might experience catcalling, notice someone being groped by a friend or go to a party where a sexual assault may or may not take place, depending on the choices you make. The game is meant to provide a better way for students to understand how an approach called “bystander intervention” actually works.


Cool Not CoolCool – Not Cool Quiz

Free!  Take a look. This is very cool!

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Community GrantsSouth Carolina Campaign

The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (SC Campaign) is now accepting applications for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Community Grant funding for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Teen Pregnancy Prevention Community Grant funds will be administered by the SC Campaign to work with communities to support teen pregnancy prevention efforts. Applicants must commit to working with a group that is representative of the community as well as agencies that are ready and willing to increase communication about and support for a comprehensive community approach to prevent adolescent pregnancy and STIs.

Deadline: 8/14/2015


Charitable Programs in Company Communities Funded

Gannett Foundation: Community Action Grant ProgramGannett Foundation

The Gannett Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where Gannett Co., Inc., owns a newspaper or broadcast station. The Foundation’s Community Action Grant Program’s priorities include education and neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation, and cultural enrichment. The upcoming postmark deadline is August 29, 2015, for most locations. (Some locations have earlier deadlines, which are listed on the Foundation’s contact page.) Proposals should be submitted to the local newspaper publisher or TV station general manager. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the grant guidelines and download the application form.


Capacity Building Support in Company Communities

Union Pacific Foundation: Community-Based Grant ProgramUnion Pacific

The Union Pacific Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities served by Union Pacific Railroad, primarily in the Midwestern and Western United States. Through the Community-Based Grant Program, the Foundation gives priority to requests that address the following categories: Community and Civic, and Health and Human Services. The majority of these grants are intended to help nonprofit organizations build their capacity, increase their impact, and operate more effectively. Nonprofit organizations in the railroad’s service area are invited to submit a preliminary application form online by 4 pm CDT on August 14, 2015. (Early submissions are encouraged.) Selected organizations will receive instructions on accessing the online final application form, which must be submitted by midnight CDT on August 15, 2015. Visit the Foundation’s website for more information on the Community-Based Grant Program.


Grants Promote the Well-Being of Oklahomans

Inasmuch FoundationInasmuch Foundation

The Inasmuch Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of people, neighborhoods, and communities in Oklahoma. The Foundation primarily provides grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state for programs that result in the greatest positive outcome for Oklahomans. (Support is also considered for nonprofit organizations that address the Foundation’s priorities in Colorado Springs, CO.) The Foundation’s areas of interest include education, community enhancement, and health and human services. Projects that involve collaborative community efforts to avoid duplication of services are encouraged. The upcoming deadline for letters of inquiry is August 15, 2015. Visit the Foundation’s website to submit an online letter of inquiry.

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