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Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 is ideal for younger teens, and Love Notes 3.0 is ideal for older teens and young adults who are at risk of seeing their personal goals derailed by troubled relationships, unplanned pregnancy, and single parenting.


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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Increasing Youths’ Relationship Confidence with Relationship Education

Youth relationship education aims to build youths skills to form and sustain healthy romantic relationships. A new study provides more evidence that these kinds of programs can be effective at helping youth develop more confidence in their abilities to form and sustain healthy relationships.


New York Times

What Teenagers Are Learning from Online Porn

American adolescents watch much more pornography than their parents know – and it’s shaping their ideas about pleasure, power and intimacy. Can they be taught to see it more critically?


Iowa State University

Decision to Live Together Negatively Affects Wealth Accumulation

Researchers say it is important to consider what will happen in 30 to 40 years when millennials retire. “There is no reason why we shouldn’t be forward thinking, acknowledge how cohabitation is affecting wealth and start dealing with it,” – Iowa State’s Cassandra Dorius.

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ACES Connection

3 Ways Healthy Relationships Help Heal Trauma

Do you ever feel like you need a friend’s support? But then stop yourself from reaching out?

Deep relationships are essential to be a healthy human being. For trauma survivors—or those who are experiencing or have experienced post-partum depression or mood disorders (which is also trauma)—the act of deepening relationships can be particularly difficult.

(Ed. Note: Mind Matters includes building relationship skills and support systems to heal from trauma.)

New York Times

Getting ‘Consent’ for Sex Is Too Low a Bar

“An effective lesson on consent,” said Nicole Cushman, executive director of Answer, a national organization that promotes sex education for youth, “is not just about providing a legal definition and a script that young people need to follow.”


Nation Swell

Want to Reduce Bullying in Schools? Bring in Babies

Students learn to identify with the baby’s perspective and how to recognize and label the tiny tot’s feelings. They then become increasingly able to apply that learning to themselves, leading to a better understanding of their own feelings as well as the feelings of their peers.

(Ed Note: Love Notes also uses a child’s perspective to increase young people’s empathy and support change –  we call it “through the eyes of a child.”)

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Power of the Adolescent Brain – A TAG Talk

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health, in collaboration with the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs and Penn Translational Neuroscience Center Co-Director Dr. Frances Jensen developed a video and two discussion guides about research on adolescent brain development, functioning, and capacity.

Watch The Power of the Adolescent Brain full-length video



The Future of Love According to Kids

The kids of Gen Z are growing up in a world far different than their Millennial predecessors. So, how does this affect their thoughts on love? We took our cameras into schools across the nation to find out. We took our cameras into schools across the nation to find out.


Greater Good Magazine

What Do Teens’ Emotions Feel Like?

The kids of Gen Z are growing up in a world far different than their Millennial predecessors. So, how does this affect their thoughts on love? We took our cameras into schools across the nation to find out. We took our cameras into schools across the nation to find out.

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August 8

Second Wednesday Webinars

Completely updated!

Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS

About the webinar: For the past five years, programs across the United States have been teaching healthy relationship skills to thousands of young people through Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 and Love Notes 2.1.

Now, The Dibble Institute is excited to announce that both of these evidence-based programs have been updated with brand new information crucial to supporting teens and young adults in today’s world! They respond to changing conversations and conditions spurred on by #metoo, #timesup, smart phones, and social media.

Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 and Love Notes 3.0 both feature brand-new, age-appropriate content on:

  • Sexual consent
  • Online pornography
  • Sexting
  • Sexual assault
  • Drugs and alcohol – and their impact on relationships
  • Cyberbullying

Presenter: Marline E. Pearson. M.A., Author, Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS

Who should attend: Youth-serving program staff and administrators in the fields of healthy relationships, pregnancy prevention, youth development; runaway and homeless youth, corrections, pregnant and parenting teens, workforce development, and rape and sexual violence prevention. Extension agents, health and Family and Consumer Sciences teachers, alternative school staff.

When: Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 4:00 pm Eastern/1:00 pm Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

Register Now!

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We curate this list of grants with the goal of increasing the numbers of youth who benefit from participating in a Dibble program. Please contact us about ways we can work with you to strengthen your application.


Programs for At-Risk Colorado Youth and Families Supported

AJL Foundation

AJL Charitable Foundation

The AJL Charitable Foundation is committed to helping at-risk Colorado youth and families by supporting educational and humanitarian programs that provide the tools to help them succeed in life. The Foundation primarily supports nonprofit organizations and activities in the education and human services fields. Organizations with budgets under $5 million are eligible to apply. Letters of inquiry may be submitted throughout the year; the upcoming deadline for invited proposals is September 28, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the letter of inquiry guidelines.


Support for Organizations in Company Communities

Gannett Foundation

Gannett Foundation: Community Action Grant Program

The Gannett Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where Gannett Co., Inc., owns a newspaper or broadcast station. The Foundation’s Community Action Grant Program’s priorities include education, neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation, and cultural enrichment. Grants are generally in the $1,000 to $5,000 range. Grant requests are considered twice each year; the upcoming postmark deadline is August 17, 2018, for most locations. Proposals should be submitted to the local newspaper publisher or TV station general manager. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the grant guidelines and download the application form.


Organizations in Bank Communities Supported

BBVA Compass Logo

BBVA Compass Foundation

The BBVA Compass Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that are making a positive impact in the communities the bank serves in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. Online applications are due September 28, 2018. (Prior to submitting a grant request, first time applicants must join one of the Charitable Contributions Process Conference Calls/Webinar Presentations to be held on July 20, August 17, and September 14.) Visit the bank’s website to learn more about the Foundation’s guidelines and application process.

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