Healthy Relationship News – December 2010


Connections Relationships MarriageConnections named to Model Program Guide

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has named Connections: Relationships and Marriage(CRM) as a promising practice that increases conflict resolution and interpersonal skills and decreases aggression and violence in their Model Programs Guide (MPG).

Based on the published evaluations of CRM the rating is based on four dimensions of effectiveness:

  1. Conceptual program framework
  2. Program fidelity
  3. Evaluation Design
  4. Empirical evidence demonstrating effectiveness reduction of problem behaviors or enhancement of protective factors.

Click here for the full report.


Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Have you visited lately? 

If not, you’re missing out!  It is part of, the award-winning website for teens has a fresh new look and lots of great new info on love and relationships. Even better, we’ve made the site more interactive – teens can now play games, post comments on articles, and – best of all – contribute their stories to our Features section. 

Take a look around the site and make sure you forward the URL to any teens (or adults!) who might like to see it.


 Start StrongStart Strong – A National Conversation on Healthy Relationships


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Family Violence Prevention Fund are empowering local communities to help middle school students develop healthy relationships.

Check out their work and join the conversation here.


National Healthy Marriage Resource CenterTip Sheet on Pregnancy Prevention and Relationship Education

Children who grow up in single-parent families are more likely to be poor, have trouble in school, and become teen parents themselves.  This NEW tip sheet from the National Marriage Resource Center with help from the National Campaign highlights the connections between teen pregnancy prevention and relationship education programs and offers strategies for enhancing these programs.

Download the tip sheet


Things to Know Before You Say “Go” Phone App
Things to Know Before You Say Go

Here’s some exciting news. Our newest product,  Things to Know Before You Say “Go” card deck and book set, has just come out as an iPhone app called The Questions!

This is the electronic version of the same powerful tool we offer in our catalog. Learn more at and download the free version. Of course, you will also want to buy it in its card deck form for holiday gifts and for use in groups of young people.

The cards and app are a playful and engaging tool for exploring the important questions young people need to ask before giving their hearts away.



Relationships Smarts PlusFREE Relationship Smarts PLUS Webinar for youth workers


Do the young people you work with have love lives? And, do those love lives ever cause them (or you) problems or concerns? Learn about Relationship Smarts PLUS an easily implemented, research based, evaluated program that helps young people get smart about their love lives.

Young people today live and breathe in a culture that touts casual sex and casual connections. Relationship Smarts PLUS helps young people acquire practical skills for emotionally healthy and ethically sound relationships. The program helps teens craft a roadmap toward what they hope to achieve, not just what they must avoid.

Relationship Smarts PLUS is based on the results of a 5-year federally funded evaluation by Jennifer Kerpelman, Ph.D. at Auburn University. It covers topics such as:

*   Maturity,

*   Identifying values,

*   Peer pressure,

*   Attractions and infatuation,

*   Building blocks for positive relationships,

*   Assessing relationship health,

*   A low-risk relationship strategy,

*   Principles of smart relationships,

*   The nature of true intimacy,

*   A realistic concept of love, and

*   Breaking up.

 The program also includes dating violence prevention and assertiveness skills, communication/conflict skills, identity and future orientation, and a unique approach to pregnancy prevention that educates about the needs of children.

Please join us for an overview of this engaging, evidence-based relationship skills curriculum for middle and high school youth!

Register for the free webinar here.


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Funding Streams

State Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) In late September the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) announced formula grants to 46 states titled “Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)”. The states (most often through their health departments) that submitted applications are now in the process of preparing full plans to send to ACYF by February 2011 for approval. Click here to see how Dibble programs align with the required adult preparation topics.

State PREP Grant Contacts We have received many calls from our readers asking for the state level contacts for the PREP grants with the adult preparation topics (including healthy relationships!). 

Click here and look for your state. Please let us know what progress you make and how we can help.

Donors, an online charity, connects donors to classrooms in need. They are inviting “front-line educators” in public schools to identify the needs of the students they serve. Front-line educators are teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and school nurses who work full time and deal directly with students. If you are a front-line educator, you can submit the project you would like funded on their website and have donors from around the country help your classroom out. Great resource!  


Save the date –

The Dibble Institute Calendar

January 23-24, 2011
Texas Association Concerned with School-age Parenthood
Houston, TX
Workshop: Leading Teens Toward Healthy Love Connections
Presenter: Joyce Huff

February 9-12, 2011
National Conference on Alternative Education
Nashville, TN
Workshop: Love Notes
Presenter: Joyce Huff