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Ten Ways for Teens to
Improve Their Chances for a Great Romance



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Love Notes 2.0 CoverFirst ever! Love Notes Training Institute – open to the public

Dibble is pleased to announce, in partnership with the National Fatherhood Initiative, a 2-day training in its acclaimed Love Notes program on March 9 and 10 in Germantown, MD. The training will help you and your staff implement the program confidently, consistently, and effectively.

Unplanned pregnancy, single parenting, and troubled relationships are a serious threat to the wellbeing and futures of many young adults, as well as to their children. Love Notes was created for vulnerable, high-risk audiences. In 13 lessons they discover, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about partners, sex, relationships, pregnancy, and more.

For more details and registration, click here. Seats are limited.

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the-journal-gazetteEconomics of teen dating

The line moves fairly quickly, and now you and your date are standing at the window to buy movie tickets.

“Two,” you say. From behind the glass, the woman slides two tickets in your direction and says, “$19.50,” leaving you two quarters from the $20 bill to put in your front jeans pocket.

Welcome to the world of dating. What has always been a teenage rite of passage has become an economic difficulty.


Center for American Progress

Families: It’s Complicated

Families do not fall neatly into the binary categories of single parents and married couples. For one thing, there are growing numbers of cohabiting parents. More importantly, structure is only one factor influencing children’s economic opportunities. Other family characteristics matter too, as argued in a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP). The CAP authors, Shawn Fremstad and Melissa Boteach, propose a framework built around “three S’s”: Family Structure, Family Stability and Family Strength.

See the launch event here.

(Editor’s Note: We appreciate the panelists in the video affirming the need for an availability of youth relationship education!)


Study Finds More Reasons to Get and Stay Married

Study Finds More Reasons to Get and Stay Married

A new economics paper has some old-fashioned advice for people navigating the stresses of life: Find a spouse who is also your best friend.

Social scientists have long known that married people tend to be happier, but they debate whether that is because marriage causes happiness or simply because happier people are more likely to get married. The new paper, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, controlled for pre-marriage happiness levels.

It concluded that being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who remain single – particularly during the most stressful periods, like midlife crises.


Find Youth InfoTeen Dating Violence

How Peers Can Affect Risk & Protective Factors

This brief (PDF, 24 pages) draws on NIJ-funded research, as well as broader literature, to illustrate the ways teens shape each other’s relationship experiences and decisions to enter and leave romantic relationships that turn violent.


Brookings LogoShow Me the Evidence

It’s not every day–particularly these days–that a former Republican Ways and Means Committee staffer and a veteran of the George W. Bush White House has nice things to say about Barack Obama’s approach to domestic policy. So that’s one reason to take note of “Show Me the Evidence,” a book by Ron Haskins and Greg Margolis that lauds a little-noted Obama approach to social policy.

(Ed Note: Check out evidence based Relationship Smarts PLUS and its adaptation Love Notes. Both are listed in the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices.)

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ACT for Youth Center of ExcellencePositive Youth Development 101: A Curriculum for Youth Work Professionals

Authored by Jutta Dotterweich, this brand new curriculum offers an orientation to the youth development approach for professionals just entering the field of youth work. Use this free curriculum to provide professional development to new youth workers, supervisors and administrators, funders, and community volunteers.


Welfare Peer TABasic Needs Budget Calculator, 2014

This interactive tool incorporates a variety of criteria for use in calculating how much families need to be self-sufficient. The tool allows users to select States/cities, number of parents, as well as number and ages of children. Following a selection, the Budget Calculator computes the cost of minimum daily necessities.

 (Ed. Note: Great tool for use with the budget section of Connections: Relationships and Marriage and both Money Habitudes programs.)

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Second Wednesday Webinars

Ten Ways for Teens to Improve

Their Chances for a Great Romance


Young love lives can be exhilarating, confusing, or even scary.

Elsbeth Martindale, therapist and author of Things to Know Before You Say Go, will identify ten important ways to create a fantastic romance.

Helpful concepts include:

  • Getting to know what matters most to you.
  • Exercising your power to choose.
  • How pretending can make love messy.
  • Dating someone who doesn’t need a make over.
  • And many more!

Specific attention will be given to the skills for bringing these conversations into your work with teens.

When: Wednesday, February 11, 2014
, 4:00 pm Eastern/
1:00 pm Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes 

Cost: Free!

Register Now!

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Support for Youth Programs in CO, IN, LA, and TN

Pey Back FoundationPeyBack Foundation

The PeyBack Foundation is dedicated to promoting the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk (ages 6-18). The Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations in the states of Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Priority is given to programs addressing the following categories: Leadership and Life Skills, Mentoring, After-School/Summer Programming, and Healthy Living. Grants may range up to $15,000, although most grants funded are in the $10,000 range. The application deadline is February 10, 2015. Visit the Foundation’s website to download the application form.

Support for Programs Serving Company Communities

Georgia PacificGeorgia-Pacific Foundation

The Georgia-Pacific Foundation supports a wide range of nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in communities where Georgia-Pacific operates, and where company employees live and work. The Foundation has identified the following key investment areas: education, including job readiness and literacy; community enrichment, including affordable housing, cultural, youth, and safety programs; environment, including resource conservation, environmental education, and clean air/clean water; and entrepreneurship, especially among youth, women, and minorities. Grant applications must be submitted in writing via mail between January 1 and October 31, annually. Early submission is encouraged. Visit the company’s website to take the required online eligibility survey.


Donors ChooseAttention School Teachers

A generous donor has donated $1,000 to help teachers, who have not been able to afford Dibble materials over the past year, to obtain them at no cost when teachers use is very successful fundraising organization that over the past decade has helped fund 70% of the projects that teachers have submitted to them.

It’s easy to apply for this money. Simply sign up at describing your students, their needs, and the Dibble materials that will best help your students.

Our donor will cover 40% of the cost once you, working through, raise the remaining funds.

For orders over $100, the usual 10% shipping is free!

For more details contact Aaron Larson, Teacher Success Manager at

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