Healthy Relationship News – January 2019


  • Love Lives Are Not Neutral Infographic
  • Results from Healthy Minds Study Released
  • Feb. 5 & 6 – Love Notes 3.0 Training – Columbus OH


  • Bullying and the Brain
  • Married vs. Cohabiting Parents in Cross National Comparison


  • Healthy Dating Relationships
  • Stanford Dating Project


  • FREE Love, Forgiveness, Compassion Conversation Cards
  • Spoken Word: What I Wish Someone Told Me About Having Sex
  • Integrating Healthy Relationship Education Course


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Love Lives Are Not Neutral

Love Lives Are Not Neutral Infographic

Want a quick way to communicate the benefits of relationship education? Download this handy, research based infographic because it will help you to expand your program and reach more teens.


Healthy Minds

Results from Healthy Minds Study Released

Healthy Minds, a four-year curriculum in the United Kingdom for ages 12-16, covers standard health topics and also focuses on important resilience skills, social media, mental illness, parenting, romantic relationships (Relationship Smarts PLUS), and the practice of mindfulness. It is being evaluated by the London School of Economics.

This trial has proven that when personal, social and health education subjects are prioritized and teachers are properly trained to provide good quality teaching and learning then such lessons can have a significant positive impact on students.


Love Notes 3.0

Two-Day Training Classic Love Notes 3.0 in Columbus, OH

February 5 & 6, 2019, 8:30 AM–4:30 PM

$425.00, includes lunch

For registration and more information, contact Cathy Guidry at or call 800.695.7975

Each trainee must have a copy of Classic Love Notes 3.0.

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King's College London

How bullying affects the structure of the teen brain

The effects of constantly being bullied are more than just psychological. Research now shows that there may be physical structural differences in the brains of adolescents who are regularly victimized, and this could increase the chance that they suffer from mental illness.

(Ed. Note: In Houston, Relationship Smarts PLUS is used as a bullying prevention program.


Cornell University

Cross-National Comparisons of Union Stability in Cohabiting and Married Families With Children

Increases in cohabitation, nonmarital childbearing, and partnership dissolution have reshaped the family landscape in most Western countries. The United States shares many features of family change common elsewhere, although it is exceptional in its high degree of union instability. In this study, we use the Harmonized Histories to provide a rich, descriptive account of union instability among couples who have had a child together in the United States and several European countries.

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Healthy Dating Relationships

Healthy relationships in adolescence can help shape a young person’s identity and prepare teens for more positive relationships during adulthood. Providing adolescents with tools to start and maintain healthy relationships (with romantic partners as well as peers, employers, teachers, and parents) may have a positive influence on young people’s overall development.

Stanford University

Stanford Marriage Pact takes second stab at mastering love algorithm

In its second year, the Stanford Marriage Pact — an algorithm that pairs students based on their criteria for an ideal spouse — saw a revamped questionnaire and algorithm as well as 500 more responses from last year.

The 500-response increase followed nine months of research by the pact’s creators, Liam McGregor ’20 and Sophia Sterling-Angus ’19, into the attributes that bring people together and foster lasting relationships.

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Fetzer Institute

Love, Forgiveness, Compassion Conversation Cards

Incorporate more love, forgiveness, and compassion into your daily life with these conversation starters. 52 cards with quotations, questions to discuss, and actions to take. Designed for you to use on your own or with others at home, school, work, and elsewhere. Also, available in Spanish. You can print out a set or request a hard copy at no charge from the Fetzer Institute.


You Tube

Spoken Word: What I Wish Someone Told Me About Having Sex

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about having safe sex…”

(Ed. Note: Amazing video of a young women honestly dealing with the emotional side of sex.)


National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families

Integrating Healthy Relationship Education Course

The National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families has announced the launch of its revised online course Integrating Healthy Relationship Education: A Course for Stakeholders. The online course educates attendees on the benefits of healthy relationships and costs of unhealthy relationships; shares research about how healthy marriage and relationship education (HMRE) can improve family outcomes; and guides users in developing specific strategies for integrating HMRE into their service delivery.

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We curate this list of grants with the goal of increasing the numbers of youth who benefit from participating in a Dibble program. Please contact us about ways we can work with you to strengthen your application.


Girls Rights Project

Grants Empower Girls in SF Bay Area and Internationally

The Girls Rights Project is dedicated to ensuring that girls throughout the world have a right to life, health, freedom, and education and to ending trafficking, violence, and other forms of mistreatment and discrimination against girls. Areas of interest include education and empowerment, anti-trafficking, legal reform, human rights, health, and gender equality. Grants generally range from $1,000 to $10,000, and priority is given to organizations for whom small grants can make an impact. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Visit the Girls Rights Project website to request a grant by completing the contact form.


Support for Afterschool Programs Serving Middle School Youth

New York Life Foundation

New York Life Foundation: Aim High

The Aim High grant program, funded by the New York Life Foundation and administered by the Afterschool Alliance, supports out-of-school programs serving middle school youth nationwide. The focus of Aim High is to help economically disadvantaged eighth-graders reach ninth grade prepared to succeed in high school by supporting afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs. Funded programs must serve a high percentage, at least 75 percent, of low-income youth. In 2019, the Aim High grant program will provide 26 awards nationwide as follows: eight awards of $100,000 over two years, eight awards of $50,000 over two years, and ten awards of $15,000 for one year. The application deadline is January 25, 2019. Visit the Afterschool Alliance website to download the grant guidelines and submit an online proposal.


Mental Health Grants in Metropolitan NY and Philadelphia.

Van Amerigen Foundation

Van Ameringen Foundation

Supports programs that increase the accessibility of mental-health services to the underserved, advance preventive and early-intervention strategies, and advocate for systemic change. Deadline for Letter of Intent (LOI) is February 1.

(Ed. Note: Dibble clients are using both Love Notes and Mind Matters as prevention and early intervention strategies with youth.)

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