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Dibble HeartAre you a fan of our programs? Have you developed an original tool to make a curriculum more relevant to your population or easier to implement? We would like to recognize your good work! We will share your resource on our website and also give the winning entries some money to spend in the Dibble bookstore.


We are looking for original:

  • brochures,
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and more to share with the greater Dibble learning community. These may have been developed from your federally funded HMDG project or something you designed for your own classroom use.


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Entries must be submitted by August 30, 2011. First prize $500 Dibble dollars; Second prize $250 Dibble dollars; Third prizes $50 Dibble dollars.


Decide Don’t Slide – A Concept for Relationship Success


LoveU2: Relationship Smarts Plus CoverRelationships Smarts PLUS and Love Notes both include Dr. Scott Stanley’s concept that deciding about relationships is definitely better than sliding into them. He condensed many of his key points into a really enjoyable 54-minute presentation to high school teachers in Denver. Take a look at his free YouTube presentation!


Relationship Class Links Undergrads and Teens

Roosevelt UniversityIn 2008, Cami McBride, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, coordinated a relationship skills service -learning project. Students in her Psychology of Close Relationships taught Relationship Smarts PLUS to at-risk youth at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago.

She recently reported the successful results in a poster session to Society for Community Research and Action (Division 27 of APA). See her poster here!



 Taylor and Francis Online 

I Learned the Bad Things I’m Doing: Adolescent Mothers’ Perceptions of a Relationship Education Program – Marriage & Family Review 



ScienceDirect – Children and Youth Services Review: “I haven’t done nothin’ crazy lately:” Conflict resolution strategies in adolescent mothers’ dating relationships  



 Dibble Receives Champion Award!


Ohio Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer SciencesThe Ohio Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (OATFACS) has awarded the Ohio Champion for Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Award to The Dibble Institute for their extraordinary support and concern for FACS and OATFACS. The Dibble Institute has trained and equipped many, many Ohio FACS teachers with research based, evaluated relationship skills programs. The programs are used in both high school FACS classes as well as with Pregnant and Parenting Teens.


The Dibble Institute will be recognized at the Ohio ACTE Conference (July 26-28) in Columbus.



Dibble Heart Links? We’ve got links!

Lots of links for young people, instructors, and parents!


We’ve just added a new link to Mary Jo Rapini with her resources for parents and their daughters.  


Funding Streams for Relationship Education     


Marriage/Relationship and Fatherhood Funding

Administration for Children and Families


Funding Opportunities for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs Announced!   Due July 28.


See the Announcements here: 


Please consider The Dibble Institute part of your team with proven, research based curricula, training, and technical assistance. Stay tuned to our website. We will post more information on these grants as we receive it. If you would like a personal consultation, please contact us at


Community Transformation Grants

CDC logo 

Check out the agencies and organizations in your state that have thrown their hats into the ring to write for Community Transformation Grants. 


One of the five priorities (albeit an optional one) is social and emotional wellness. Here is the direction the grant RFP gives:


Strategic Direction 4: Social and Emotional Wellness 

Goals: Increase child and adolescent health and wellness, including social and emotional wellness. 


1. Promote effective parenting practices. 

2. Implement effective positive youth development and risk reduction approaches to improve adolescent health. 

3. Social and Emotional Wellness Innovative Interventions. 


Those three approaches sounds like a great opportunity to step in with evidence based relationship skills training! See who is on the list from your state, give them a call, and explore becoming part of their collaboration.


Juvenile Offender Reentry Program Projects – July 11 due date

  Office of Justice 

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is seeking applications to provide services and programs to successfully reintegrate juvenile offenders as they return to their communities, schools, and workforce.


Allowable activities include:


Supporting a comprehensive range of services for Offenders. Based on individual offenders risk/needs assessment, applicants are encouraged to make available a comprehensive range of programs including programs that encourage safe, healthy, and responsible parent-child relationships and enhance family reunification as appropriate.


Job Opportunity for Low Income Individuals Projects – August 3 due date

 Administration for Children and FamiliesThe grant asks that projects identify and address personal and community barriers that prevent low-income individuals from successfully obtaining and holding jobs or creating successful businesses in the community to be served. Examples of personal barriers include: lack of adequate, affordable child care; lack of public transportation; inadequate social services such as employment services and job training; limited English language acquisition; limited education; substance abuse; insufficient life skills (editor’s note – like relationship skills, communication skills, problem solving skills); criminal history; health problems; and disability.


Find Your Own Donor!

Donors Choose, an online charity, connects donors to classrooms in need. They are inviting “front-line educators” in public schools to identify the needs of the students they serve. Front-line educators are teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and school nurses who work full time and deal directly with students. If you are a front-line educator, you can submit the project you would like funded on their website and have donors from around the country help your classroom out. Great resource!



Save the date –

The Dibble Institute Calendar

July 11, 2011

Tennessee Career and Technical Education Conference

Murfreesboro, TN

Workshop: What is Your Money Habitude?

Presenter: Nancy Lenk


July 17-20, 2011 

Texas Career Education Conference 

Dallas, TX

Workshop: What is Your Money Habitude?

Presenter: Irene Varley


July 20-22, 2011 

Southwestern Fatherhood Institute Training  

Phoenix, AZ

Dixie Zittlow


July 21, 2011

Jump$tart Financial Literacy Conference

Ankeny, IA

Workshop: What is Your Money Habitude?

Presenter: Syble Solomon

July 24-25, 2011

Arkansas ACTE Conference

Hot Springs, AR

Workshops: What is Your Money Habitude?

Seven Principles of Healthy Relationships

Presenter: Dixie Zitlow


July 25-28, 2011

Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education Conference

Workshop: Roundtable Presentation: New Dibble Curricula

Presenter: Nancy Lenk


July 26-28, 2011

Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education Conference

Columbus, OH

Workshop: What is Your Money Habitude?

Presenter: Irene Varley


August 1-5, 2011

Family and Consumer Science Teachers Association of Texas Conference

Dallas, TX

Workshop: What is Your Money Habitude?

Presenter: Nancy Lenk


August 1, 2011

Family and Consumer Science Teachers Association of Virginia Conference

Roanoke, VA


· What is Your Money Habitude? 

· Strategies for Teaching Relationship Education

Presenter: Joyce Huff


August 5, 2011

Family and Consumer Science Educators of Michigan Conference

Frankenmuth, MI

Plenary: Staying In the Game – Reclaiming the Relevance of Family and Consumer Science


· The Missing Link – Relationship Skills Education

· Relationship Curricula Showcase

Presenter: Kay Reed


August 9-10, 2011

Family and Consumer Science Educators of Wisconsin Conference

Green Bay, WI

Workshop: Drawing the Line of Respect

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow


August 23-26, 2011

National Community Action Partnership Conference 

San Francisco, CA

Workshop: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Presenter: Irene Varley


August 30- September 2, 2011

Daniel Memorial Independent Living Conference 

Grapevine, TX

Workshop: It’s All About Relationships

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow



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