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Why Teens Hook-Up: Teaching Relationship Skills to Today’s Teens




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New York Times

Two Classes, Divided by ‘I Do’


Jessica Schairer has so much in common with her boss and friend, Chris Faulkner, that a visitor to the day care center they run might get them confused.  


But a friendship that evokes parity by day becomes a study of inequality at night and a testament to the way family structure deepens class divides. Ms. Faulkner is married and living on two paychecks, while Ms. Schairer is raising her children by herself. That gives the Faulkner family a profound advantage in income and nurturing time, and makes their children statistically more likely to finish college, find good jobs and form stable marriages.





A new CDC report documents substantial declines in teen births in the United States over the past four years, with especially dramatic declines among Hispanic teens. Despite these declines, Hispanic women are still most likely to have a teen birth.  


An estimated 24 percent of young Hispanic women will have a birth before they reach age 20, compared with only 10 percent of white women.


Currently, one in five U.S. adolescents is Hispanic, and that proportion is projected to grow to one in three in 2050, highlighting the importance of continuing to target teen pregnancy prevention efforts to this population.




This Is What Happens When Kids Grow Up On Unlimited Access To Pornography 


Not that surprising: Brains of the first generation of young men that grew up with unlimited access to Internet pornography are different from older generations. Very surprising: Their bodies are fighting back in a bizarrely ironic fashion. Watch this TED talk.


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More than a decade ago, The National Campaign’s Religion and Public Values Advisory Group developed Nine Tips to Help Faith Leaders and Their Communities Address Teen Pregnancy. With input from respected faith leaders from around the country, the Campaign has updated this resource to reflect changes in society at large and youth culture in particular. The new resource, Tips to Help Faith Leaders and Their Communities Address Teen Pregnancy draws from the original publication, but has been updated in order to remain useful and relevant.



Class of 2013

Meet the Graduating Class of 2013 


Imagine a senior class of 100. They’re the product of their genetic predispositions, their families, their communities, and the opportunities (or lack thereof) they’ve encountered since birth. They’re on the threshold of adulthood. But what do we really know about them? Child Trends’ researcher David Murphey has created a statistical profile of this year’s graduating class.


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Love Notes 2.0

Love Notes – A New Curriculum in Partnership with Scenarios USA   


Love Notes (v2.0), a program designed for vulnerable youth, ages 15-24, including pregnant and parenting youth, integrates healthy relationships, pregnancy/STI prevention, youth development and intimate violence prevention.


This highly engaging activity-based program uses resources written by youth (poetry, narratives, scenarios) as well as popular media, music and film, including two of the highly acclaimed Scenarios USA films (Toothpaste and Reflections).




The Art Of Loving Well Summer’s here and the reading is easy! 


We invite you to add The Art of Loving Well to your summer reading list. It’s a great way to engage students in learning healthy romantic relationship skills while improving literacy and language skills. An anthology of short stories, poems, and plays The Art of Loving Well was developed by Boston University with a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services.  


Buy one copy of the Art of Loving Well at 50% off for $13.48 (usually $26.95) plus $4 in shipping-when you place your order by phone 800-695-7975. Offer expires July 18, 2013. Only one book at this price per customer.


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Dibble Webinars 

Why Teens Hook-Up: Teaching Relationship Skills to Today’s Teens  


What’s “hooking up” and why do teens do it? With 1 out of 4 first-time sexual relationships between teen’s one-time affairs, it’s clear that young people are often pressured to “hook up” and are unaware of how to make healthy decisions about their love lives. Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat:

Register Now 


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Rite Aid Funds for Health and Wellness Programs in Company Communities

The Rite Aid Foundation 


The Rite Aid Foundation is dedicated to helping people in the communities the company serves lead happier, healthier lives. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations focused on the health and wellness of individuals, children and youth, and families in Rite Aid communities in 31 states. The remaining deadlines for 2013 are July 15 and October 15.



Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation Programs for Women, Children, and Minorities in Arizona Funded



The Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation is accepting applications from innovative programs designed to help underprivileged youth reach their full potential. Grants of $25,000 will be awarded for “new, uncommon, unconventional, or untested” youth programs aimed at identifying effective practices that lead to breakthrough results in supporting underprivileged youth. In the past, funded programs have ranged from credit union savings projects and intensive tutoring programs, to after-school day care and art programs, to health workshops. Please see the website for eligibility and applications requirements.


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Where is Dibble now?

Come see us!


July 14-15, 2013

Kentucky Association of Careers and Technical Education 

Louisville, KY


– What are Your Money Habitudes?

– Things to Know Before You Say Go

Presenter: Nancy Lenk

July 22-24, 2013
 Missouri Association of Career and Technical Conference
Springfield, MO
Workshop:  What Is Your Money Habitude?
Presenter:  Joyce Huff

July 30-August 1, 2013
Family and Consumer Science Educators of Michigan
Frankenmuth, MI
Keynote Speaker:  Kay Reed
Our Love Lives Are Not Neutral: How family connections matter more than you think!

– Connecting Healthy Teen Relationships to Teen Wellness
– Kick Your Classroom and FCCLA Chapter into Gear with Excitement and Energy

Presenter:  Nancy Lenk


July 31-August 1, 2013

Oklahoma 46th Annual Career and Technology Summer Conference 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Workshop: Connections – It’s OK in OK

Presenter: Janet Pozmantier

August 5-7, 2013  

North Dakota ACTE 

Bismark, North Dakota 

Workshop: Abuses and Excuses   

Presenter: Nancy Lenk 

August 12-13, 2013  

Wisconsin Family and Consumer Sciences 

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Workshop: Money Habitudes: Can’t Buy Me Love

Presenter: Dixie Zittlow

August 27-29, 2013
National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education
Anaheim, CA
Workshop:  Reaching Disadvantaged Youth – Love Lives Are Not Neutral
Presenter: Dixie Zittlow and Andy Delgado
Workshop: Relationality – The Amazingly Real to Life Research-Based Games about Relationships
Presenter:  Rebecca Brooks


Would you like a Dibble Outreach Educator at your conference? Email Irene Varley, Director of Education, at to find out how.


Please let us know if you are having an open to the public event featuring Dibble curricula. We would be happy to help you publicize it.


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