Hip Hop Dating Guide

Activity Book

Mixed by: “Yo” Jeff Carroll
Ages: 14 to Young Adult
Length: 15 Activities

Dating skills are rarely taught.  Yet, here’s a chance for your students to get a jump-start on gaining self-respect while learning safe dating tips.  This easy-to-use dating guide is filled with appealing, hands-on activities that can open teenagers’ minds to life-changing interpersonal skills most of us were never taught before.

Hip Hop Dating Guide Activity Book

Using the five elements of Hip Hop culture as a contemporary metaphor, meaningful exercises revolve around these themes:

Drawing:  The art of tagging and graffiti encourages students to think creatively as they play the dating game.

Beatboxing:  Using the body as an instrument to sense the vibe and increase awareness translates to learning similar skills for evaluating potential partners.

Mc-ing:  Hip Hop lyrics serve as a bridge to learn the power of communication and sending clear messages while also learning to really listen.

DJ-ing:  Combining the beat with the lyrics is a symbol for acquiring new skills to think analytically about real connection and compatibility in a dating partner.

Dancing:   It all comes together with the dance, a metaphor for cooperation and positive interactions. Students learn to improvise and trust their own best judgment.

And, the activity book’s flexibility encourages educators to Remix the exercises however you like, with suggestions for customizing activities to meet the needs of your specific group.

Teens will learn the practical skills of:

  • Mastering the art of conversation.
  • Softening the blow of breaking up with caring and dignity.
  • Articulating their inner strengths and reasons why they’re attractive beyond just looks.
  • Using a “Dating Contract” to align expectations and build a strong relationship.

Engage your students in learning “street smart” approaches to skillful dating that can lead to healthy romances as well as personal fulfillment and a brighter future.

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Activity BookHip Hop Dating Guide Activity Book


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